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Intel Drop.

.3/18 9pmVerified connection.Swamp Ghost interceptor.  Intel comms open. Tiger[POTUS] power comeout immenent.  Lines crossed/ caught offsides.  Refs fix easy. Power test.  War rules different. POTUS  #1 Meetings/ Tied down by old thoughts/rules. Think in box/stay inside. President power kept in check by corrupt. 30 years in power.  NN Lifers know all systems.  Much control/anything to keep power.  Swamp created by Founders/ corrupted by lifers.  llussion of control.  NN scared - puppet of war. POTUS [Tiger] Power test.  Ghost Recon Sparta Ops. Recent RS dog incident no accident.  Test. Dogs common ground for some. New directions on horizon. Swamp Ghost intel.  Verified.  TY Swamp Eagle. Patriots open your eyes, can't watch? Ideals are innocent, history stays violent. Fight or die.  300. Black ops everywhere.  Cross intel.  Deep swamp op. Swamp love, nice inside, don't tooch.  Slippery when wet.  POTUS has grip of power.  Test eminent. Turnover planned, no coincidences.  Impatient one way people are oversmart.  Wrong they can be. Better on tv shows or making history. Train holds lots of people, grab on tight, be happy  and patient together.  Make history not tv shows.  Stay in moment, happy and patient. up..  10 rules to win.  Sparta ops.  Win or no home. 250 vs 5000.  300 u R.  SS.  Ghost intel.. Swamp angry. If u love what u do, not for money.  30 years many things nicer.  Not for love, u can see it.  CCS/NN long time nothing nicer.  Only richer themself.  Term limits/Born of/ important.  Brick by brick up or down, they chose.  Chosen nothing nicer.  New plans underway Swamp trying to stay hidden, McCann helpful.  Bait and switch, hook line and sinker.  Get em while they're hot.  Get em while u can.  Arrest or resign, your choice.  Ghost Interceptor intel drop from swamp.  Out. J  "Swamp talk"  Real Talk,- grown folk stuff.. . Ghost interceptor ops open comms go.     Old folk  know how to trick young folk.  Sparta Ops walking into swamp everything weaponized, Think Gabriel [Weaponized] Colbert against outer swamp.  Intel layered like turtle, for war. [onins inside- Swamp Beasts out side Persia Vs. Sparta- No choice...intercepted Swamp ghost, thank you for intel.  Everthing take they will. APP intel pending: law CA/OR/WA nearby to Sharia Safe zone pending California Legal-Sancuary City.  NN others approve- C12345.  Can't stop Nor Cal likely, in the works.  #Shariainside Cali.   SZ .  Silent unseen letters, unseen weapons in swamp, walk right into it, chance you are wrong, b et it all ??      Sparta 300  Like checkers its more fun faster ,make quicker, sharper cut like Lee[Water] .   Intel idrop ntercept. Aka crumbs from Mother Russia [Grand father] China [Father].  If u cannot make productss to 3rd party buyer [AM//KORJAP] at my price then u got problem.  I think we win anyway.   Our quality is the best, plus our price is too cheap than anybody.  You need me, now ...later on I gonna need you ok....I gonna let u know k    deal or no??  One at a time Persia win] Sparta Intercept intel secure drop verified.  Defnse up..  Sparta Ops underway.  300 u R.  Fight fight fight patriots.  Crumbs verified.   [ Sparta ops - 300 [Give them nothing, but take from them everything] (2)  Sparta.  Vs.  5000 yrs old civilization, compare to 250 man easy, we almost win now anyway.   You guy oversmart.  Oversmart, that no good for you,  but that good for me, i know already, of course, U are steewupid guy, why i tell you for.  2 trillion lost, found invested/paying dividends.  Go Cali set them lĺws.  Yeah!   Swamp nice inside. Wakanda making historical steps.  You money is good value,  will value to me more than any and for u, My quality great and cheap  price, you win, we win k.  But later on i may need u ok??  Deal.  [300 - They play Chess no rule k.  Who care, who are u.   Dems Power In trouble,Distracts no coincidence.  Arrests or resignation, your choice.   War rule different.  Coup for America[World]  underway.  HLR more easy, she oversmart.  645HAHA.  Any more??  HAHA.   U in my swamp Ops Sparta 300 part of Joke intercepted from within Deep swamp.   Go for Deep swamp drop--  What do u call 401000 Armed Grunts roaming  LA/TX/NY For years??  Answer unknown.  -Swamp Ghost Out.  10 Recon Verified]     ..Intel drop intercept .Intel Drop.  AkA "Crumbs from China;   Quality, price, you need me, I dont need you."  CH intel intercept. Op8 Good move Tiger.  King to Rook.  Let the trade wars begin!  Glorious it will be.  CH intercept CH infiltrate/ Verified inside, ghost recon intel op intercept.  CH trade secrets intercepted. Verified.  Go for recon. China wins any trade war in Steel and Alum.  China too strong for you.  Steel easy to bridge to other money issue only, we lose little bit, but we play long way,  going to complain big tho, your people pay for tax we gonna let them know.  This AM guy is oversmart, dont understand 10 issue to win.  AM only baby, no problem we wait.  Yes, as long as the tariff tax people pay then we win war.  If they should allow equal price to 3rd party, [AM Citizen] or any 3rd party, CH and AM price should be same, landed cost has to same, or if not then CH win, AM lose.  Yes,  Money, CH no problem we print our own money also, so same, but better[me 5000 yr old, you the baby].  Stteel to Korea who win steel, win money, win money, win power.  Win war.  When USA product quality is the same, and price to Korea, delivered is same then maybe little bit problem for CH swamp.  If you win this question, then AM little bit smart.  If AM product lose, then we win.    CH intel communication intercept.  CH will subsidize to bring the product to 3rd party cheap, but quality very good.  If u cannot sell same price we win this war, anyway we use as bridge only.  We lose little bit only, bridge more important.  But we[CH] gonna complain.  Maybe dogs gonna bark too.  We have lot of dog.  But becareful owner.  Tiger knows but people scared.  Hahaha.  CH win not same.  Ghost out.  CH intel intercept.  CH inside swamp   Swamp Talk CH edition.  -J AkA "Tales/Crumbs from inside of the swamp"  "Swamp Tales"  China Swamp Intercepted Intel.   CH/RS / NK Crumbs operatives inside.  Mother Russia [Grandfather]China [Father] together forever[Distract /Contrary ntel upcoming] They also likey AM Swampy, Feels swampy.. " Swamp Talk" Real talk.  CH/RS Persia mucho likey you swampy.  But strong weapons you have,  we will wait now.  We can Storm from all sides 1000 Nations we are!-...  Persia[We CHRS control] 1 ₩€Ł♤♢ May-May Nee-how. Como sta seńora?  Ops 13  Sparta 300 you are.. Do not be afraid of being by yourself. [Trade war ok shows character/Not soft. ]]   History repeat.  Nice lands you have there, young you are, 5000 we are.   Intel intercept/ , Intel verified.  Super Top Secret China swamp intel. Translated.  Super Top Secret China intel. Breifing.. History repeats itself Op 1 Sparta. Intel CHNKRS intercept,   In swamp now.  Small in numbers you are.  Think Sparta 300  -Hold/ Steady--- Give them nothing[ But take from them everything]   Swamp Boy to, King of Sparta  Fight / Door step they are No choice. multiple scources verifed top secret plan to overtake USA.  Slaves and dead you will be, puritans look away, but fight you must, God will forgive.   Ops8 go from inside CHNK swamp go op1 ready.  Go Eagles You are a boy in man years, candy you hold, swampy likey.  Grown fast you have.  Nice blueprint see it we do better we will now more better than you. Watch tv.  Learn something.  Our operatives are inside- [ into hells mouth we march.. in tel  Sparta Ops Arrows Bot out the Sun]--Swamp likes darkness untill the darkness bites back/ Maybe too late then[Dont text and drive]  the CH/RS swamp intel drops prev. "gift packagees" NK intel drop confirmed. Re-read crumbs amigo Rev, get wit programmed[ u are. ]  Un plug here intel drops.. continue op 8  go Intel Drop.  CHRSNK Eagle Trump same in the Tiger.  .CH/RS/NK swamp intel, within we are INSIDE COMMANDER[Go for next Drop] /Free Am Channel..  Objective infiltrate done/verified/Go thru op 23.  Many operatives  inside CH.  op 8 op 10 go defnse .  Trump 250 year old country.  Maybe u oversmartk within CH/RS/NK swamp fighting too much then complacency within.  Swamp strong  delayed op, but happy and patient together, like turtle k.  Swamp still upper hand..  Law can hide behind. .. Swamp looking hungry..  USA Swanp- inside China is making policy think  but u look for Russia.  U Arabia, Burma, Persia, any guy 1000 nations desend upon you, but Not Japan we dont like this guy.  Korea is either way no problem my dog right there, i own i,  its all same owners Grandfather and son together plus the dogsNK, ok kids u happy.  You little bit soft tomato,  Swamp wants war Grandfather and father win no choice.. Many dogs of war we control. Our mone, then more control..  Glorious war, we will grease the tanks with our blood and guts. Good if war maybe we win.  Delay maybe better.  You see our power is different, more string than u.  China power you say.  Yes big power [[. No problem easy fix, no problema swamp plus Trump no problema. have too many guy inside China govern brain. Next Drop ]]CHRS we computer smart but maybe USA gonna oversmart themself later on so easy, we wait no problema.   Yea i think so too many guy can inside U AM brain,  maybe we push little bit from east then USA oversmart together.  Then we win.  CHRS talking now what my piece RS /CH  when we take it new business when we get it.  Im thinking we can have 10 dogs together maybe 20 dogs.  Then sheep, follow me, no choice.  They follow. China money,very power.  CH power now, later on then more power.  Cthen I control little bit maybe mucho/more.  You see CH inside Mexico long time already., chingale more, then CH/RS more power.  Now no choice quality, and cheap.  Im more power than you i win..  My sons too many, but I boss dont forgot.  US u power ok but my power is from grandfather, and my dogs.  I control them,  then i control u either...  USA only 250 me 5,000.  Pende  aqui.  I gonna win you...If Arabia  or Persia win, then Mongolia win then i win.  I get a piece, no people can stop,  u cannot stop me, my piece i gonna get it, my grandfather and my dogs We goona win.   If Arabia win anyway Arabia u also,  i gonna save a piece for u also.  Uranium One 51% only u charge small amount, baby sells UO cheap, no clue to value of property.  U have any mor Need help lmk.       fRussia Grand fathor/ China Father/NK Burma same in the son/ ok dog, but that my dog tho, anyway you should be careful owner, dog too.   Angles many angles.  USA Politicians little bit soft, weak.  Easy to control if no idea of the value of USA.   Uranium sell cheap, you got any more?  I take 2 hahaha.  Help Trump or We gonna take more candy away from baby.  you know once complete take over, yall out too.  Pale Horse to red sun wash away you must, dirt and rocks or  you are a victim of the swamp putting the rocks there but I was going to wash them off later..  Eagles Go, fight fight fight.  . Intel drop..  AkA "Ctumbs from within the swamp." Session/ We don't say his name Tied close. Trump collussian Think Wakanda   Sessiins out.  Inaction in war era.  New rules needed in wartime era " Golden Age of War" upon us, a glorious war ahead choose your side failure is death. Session / other situations swamp likes, , swampy likey Seshy, Trump out loud chatter no good for swamp.  Swamp in the dark.  Swamp angry, current plot patriots can stop.   Plot unknown.  Sessions slow to react in war era.  Top down, diplomacy slow to Think Parkland sheriff.  Wray.  Others slow to react.  FBI failed action needed against FBI.  Failure indefnseable. War is different., New rules in process.  Rules make squishy,  soft be sqoosh, splatt.  Complacency builds nations.  Lions, Tigers, Wolves, dogs enemy in hen house.  Deep cover placed well, op7, op9 go group. Swamp to Rook... Group come out immenent.  Swamp angry, loose lips sinks ships.  McCann King.  We dont say his name. King to Pawn Brittain AZ rook to King  Possiible.  Re read Brittain Calm within will guide your decision.  War rules different. War crimes different New rules, updating list now.  When do we go to glorious war.. Tanks at the ready.  We will grease the tanks with our blood and  guts.  We have to secure the pool. There is an army of country men here in defnse of tyranny.  Ye too will run sure, but not for long, you also will meet vallhauhallal.  What we do in life echoes in eternity.  They will hear our swords and then they will know we will not back down.  Either we win as a team or we die as individuals.  Short time 250 years.  Becareful for the Lion runs in a pack.  You are the tiger infidel.  Nuclear arsenal not ready to aim and shot at incoming asteroids.  FLYBY EMMINENT UNSEEN. Collider magnet/ Defnse not ready.  Before bombing each other shoot targets in space.  Missles in space more challenging.    Fix faults/New Direction must be./Course set onto ultimate self d/ Think NK Underground.  Destroy world is the course Admit fault, no problem to move on.  be patient and happy together.  Fix faults/New Direction must be./Course set onto ultimate Jihad / Think NK Underground.  Destroy world is the course8/Too late. We must fight for freedom. Safe Zones.  Sanctuary States.   Fight,, fight, fight give away intel is freedom, countrymen go to jail if you have to while in defnse of your people, your people are behind you.  Your people have your back.  Fight fight fight! FREEDOM!!!   Est 250 years, world schocked kids can rise to power, think "King of the Mountain."  World shocked, short time big steps, trip and fall you might, break your neck, good,  I just got here I will take over.  War emminent.  Come out emminent defnse up.  Fight fight fight. Rothschild group come out immentent Saving the world again.since est. 1501 ? Think, only they know.  Saving the world by Central Bank rethink. Less rescources=more time, goal: less cars on the freeway for the grind.  "Grinding for dummies, unsustainable." Cars are necessity.  9 to 5 is not.  Inflation since 1801.  Same pay since 1901  Too much rescources to sustain billions on 9 to 5 schedule.  Collission course ahead.  Next intel drop.  Stay home= conserve the world.  alot less cars driving on the grind less rescources.  Less use of everything.  Nice to see the freeways unused   Not working to get to next thing.  Too much rescources needed to sustain world on the 9 to 5.  Group saves again.  Help Trump $5,000 a month govt pay check.  USA too powerful World schook in only 200+ years.  Politician ability to make foundation money by selling something.  Not for love = destruction.  Crushing conspir Rothschild group to the rescue saves the world again by rethink of CB. Much hyoo-mil-i-tee  No come out required humbleness forever.  Saviors. Central Bank Rethink in progress/ Huge Lemon sadly unused, much juice inside/ maybe go to waste/expire upon disagreement.of leaders.  America Central Bank grossly undervalued.  Govt direct to people#$250,000........ Intel droo..  AkA "Ctumbs from within the swamp.".If the head of the department is weak, fire yourself, only talk, no guts, the other officers will sense that and know that and be weak themselves.  Not going in, and even being allowed to retire before being fired, or brought up on charges.  The fact that the cheif allowed the deputy to be able to retire and not immediately arrested on charges that he violated his oath.  This is another show of weakness at the top. If the commander was strong,  he would not have let the officer retire, instead he should have been arrested.  Nothing has happened to that officer, a strong commander would have arrested him/them.  This shows weakness big time by Isreal and that he would get on tv and talk tough and then involve more officers so that he has more to talk about.  FBI needs new people also, they didn't do thier job.  We are at war people treason, war crimes are in play so get yourself fired and who's fault is it?.Trump said today that the media didn't play any clips of his many ideas like choosing qualified teachers that can go into the police academy, then sending them undercover in the schools as teachers.  Then the teacher would be required 100 hours a month to police the streets and keep up with all kinds of training.   Which would create more jobs since the hybrid officer/teacher would absolutely need assistants to help the officer get through the lessons, homework, extra help for the kids.  Trump left no stone un-turned saying it would be great in more ways than 1 for the awesome children, everybody would like that.  Then someone said that even the late night like Colbert might like that, but then someone else said he won't like anything because for some reason the T in Colbert is silent.  Then someone else quipped its silent bcuz he's trying to make it sound fancy, like his little frame glasses on his big head.  I'm not going to say Trump found that funny and smiled, but Trump found that funny and smiled.  But quickly said lets get back on topic as we exited for lunch.  During lunch Trump said that he wanted to get this implemented asap, it would create more jobs, and good ones too.   Then he said since Columbine something should have been done because no matter if it is a AR15 or someone walking in with hand guns, or a drive by, will  scare these cowards and offense hybrid teacher/police will kill them.   Like that skinny kid no way he would acted if he knew he would have walked into that school, and be quickly confronted by a cop.  But Trump quickly said yes but the coward would possibly try a drive by, then Trump continued and said that when he was told that in Paramount California at Paramount HS the great Sheriffs are parked 2 in a car at the corner and another unit is driving around the school, and that is what Trump wants 2 in a car near the exits and another 2 in a cop car driving around.  Trump is very serious about keeping kids/All Americans safe, even the big headed ones on tv, or the ones weighing 400 pounds.  Trump went off in our private WH briefing today.  You are going to see change , not thoughts and prayers.  

-Insider Out

.Those leaders there among you who, when your sons asks for shelter,  loaf, and necessities, but through you they receive but a stone to consume, and a sidewalk for shelter.  Soon you will know my vengeance, upon dust you will come back to me, then I will unto you as you willed onto your people.  Your people, your soul, I am only the messenger, but you will soon meet me.  Upon meeting you will look into my eyes and feel your own doings, your soul will either come back or be held in purgatory until the dust is no more.  Sell your people out and then you will know my wrath.    


Intel drop aka crumbs...Money is the root of all evil..  Not having money is the root of all evil...Others in swamp making in 1 day what regs make in a life.  No they should not let money influence elections, nor guns.  But lets stop there because the pain really sinks in.   How did money get involved?  Central Bank inception = peanuts, how much is a soul worth?  But lets talk about elections and gun control now.  There should not be money for votes in gun control or elections.  What about Drug Companies.  Drugs are bad u should not spend on drugs unles prescribed by doctor. Drugs are bad.  Thank you for bring up drugs because they are bad.  Elections and guns though no money for votes.  But in case u want to know, can we still take money for other stuff, cuz theres literally a trillion ways we can do this.  2 ways stopped will be easy to overcome.  Lets keep the topic on guns, and elections.  We can add a few more but lets not get crray about money for votes k.   Because if there are points of views we want to hear them, if u have donors we want to talk to them.  If they bring treats and snacks(bag o money)  we might be able to figure out that its not our fault.  It was the local government for not securing the school, the local police for what they didnt do.  The FBI for getting info but not doing anything, no confidence.  1st the local police and government must do something.  Get money from the Fed.  They have too much.  Build barriers/checkpoints/1 entrance/Access point.  Multiple emergency exits/make new ones/ more armed police.  Arm teachers too.  But becareful arming teachers too/  police better to deal with the entry points/ More money no problem/ Govt waste/Pony up.  [Govt't: Sorry its the end of the month and that bathroomin NYC  just cost us 3 mill or $6000 a sq ft, we didnt save any either, our printers work but that will take a while.  We will gyet back to u please go back to class k.  Thank you, this is a private elevator btw.  Not the time or the place.  Our elev is member only k.  U not member u no habla for me, im boss you are the dog, .me no listen for you k, go away.  Ok so to sum everything up us aka the swamp will now get to work on money for votes, in time we will then deal with money from NRA.  [Something else has got to come up right]  and voting.  1 by 1 we will coterize this election scam for money and vote.  We gotta go now not much yet to discuss, plate very full, NRA gonna help me with the plate now k.  Thank you.  Insider Out.  Pale Horse out- Swamp out...Intel drop crumbs.  Mueller Promotion.  Others in the wings.   Trump approves.  Think Trump Turtle.  Country in mouning,  t...hink patience, policy, persevere builds character, FBI too many mistakes, on mistakes. Wray out for now.  Swamp will adapt too  experience.  Improvise adapt overcome.   WH Pale Horse spotted 1991.  .  Swamp needs money, swamp has tracks important can create more HR 3299.   School kids saw war, we can see the blood, America too wants to see a failed Govt of the past looks like.  If the kids can see that I want to see  Will get chance to see this afternoon.   Puritanical, talk only, pray, talk,.  This shooting is a breakdown of local rescurces.    , no money no defnse.  Gov't needs to pay now.  No money no Local government, police and FBI  to blame  grade F.  New faces needed. TPOTUS stated a Woman in FBI/Wray position,  attention to detail, most women can relate,  much needed.  America is only as strong as the person helping.  Chinese and blacks very similar key trait.   Politicians need to learn this trait.  Mexicicans dont have it.  Americans neither. Learn Trait practice trait, perservere.  Intel drop crumbs.  Trump speech unafraid,   Remorseful.  Who can say what.  No words.    WH  crusade against Swamp money working.  Swamp within swamp. Hawaii[38] + Hong Kong[-5] .  False Alerts, Think football cadence call get them to go offsides.  Swamp regrouping for another try.  Swamp positioning people in NORAD/FEMA to try and start war via offsides trick play. EMP[Comms down] + False flag alert[missle launch] + Swampman in charge of decisions.  Norad/FEMA  New plan underway. 24 hours to go once again now multiple warnings.  Defnse up.  Not over.  "defcon levels raised, come out immenent alert.  MSM .  WH high level players working against the swamp,    These New technolgies that have been in tbe works for generations are priceless.   Classified intel, China saw it.  China wants.  China will do anything to acquire This Tech upon tech upon tech then discovery.  The discovery is priceless.  U cant get to X if u dont do the rest.  Build it, they will come.  They are coming.  Super Tech  up for grabs, Trump in control now, Chinese respect Trump, he knows them well, thats a problem for them.  These New technolgies that have been in tbe works for generations are priceless.   Classified intel, China saw it.  China wants.  China will do anything to acquire This Tech upon tech upon tech then discovery.  The discovery is priceless.  U cant get to X if u dont do the rest.  Build it, they will come.  They are coming.  Super Tech  up for grabs, Trump in control now, Chinese respect Trump, he knows them well, thats a problem for them.  High level WH breifing We cant tell you about the projects involving Manhattan/Area 51/ Dino age Base RTB / rawest think minerals materials.  Swamp is th organs, heart, liver etc.. Blue Pill/Red Pill no choice.  WH Morning hectic top secret operatioN Trump on tv.  Back ground Trump look at finger secret signals/ directions.  Signals received HR3299 dual edge weapon/ swamP in swamp. In Canyon of swamp.  So much direction via eyebrow, fingers speech.  Trump signaling swamp.  Weaponized against swamp.  School Trump Sorrry.  MSN weaponized vs Trump.  FBI Wray gone.  Wasting agents on sma)l problem, not listen to high level emails abouT local terrorism.  Swampman in the wings.  Who gets in next.  Wray ouT.  Trump to be misinformed soon swamp in process.  DriviNg through swamp is dark, right in front cant see yeT. Swamp people everywhere.  Some light inside,   Trump to make Wray look bad. Wray not in charge anymore.   Mueller indictments no coinc.  No or never.  Looks  for show only.  Mueller/we see fork in the road, when to bail unsure.  Cant see in the swamp, good much cover within.  Mueller swamp doesnt think light can shine exactly 1here needed.  Distractiins everywhere.  Chinese power move currently on going, Chinese are known for crossing T doting i. Very Imperialistic more, more no choice. Much deception misinformation China[ Father] / Russia[Grandfather] NK/Burma [Son/Subsidiary] Russia distraction/China Power Move now/ Dominate the IN no way to stop the up .  China current human violations with America high.  Chinese Govt companies in play here in Los Angeles.  Top Chinese officials/ spies/ agents/ bad actors + huge importing power.  Chines spy govt company in Los Angeles.  Cant disclose to soon.  Top level meeting on it this afternoon .  Los Angeles Chinese Government owns real estate, defrauding local, state, Federal regulations, Chinese govt living in the gray area in Los Angeles.  Key to spies/ agents.  Cant disclose big power player compromise cover, cant say.  China has 1st claim on USA if Swamp can breal it up.  China / Russia 1 - 2 Punch.  Chinese/ Russia controls Middle East.  Middle East understands they are the rooks/pawns.  China power play already have warehouses all over the country.  Easy to IN  most big cities warehouses already USA.  Los Angeles Pedestal Hotel Cover/Red Scarlet1000 only the tip.  Human rights violations ongoing.  . .... New INTEL Terrible situation.  Never can stop it.  Kids work 12 hour days no pay.  War in American schools.  Kids be there at 730 tomorrow.  It was like war mom.  Yea but you be tough[U have to go or I will get arrested]  got ok.  730 - 330 pm Homework 2 to 4 hours more.  Now 730 - 12 hours for sure easy.  Some kids, more hours in a day.  No hazard pay.  No regular time.  No overtime.  No double time.  War zone in the school.  2018 someone would have for sure.  This guy is stupid.  Life in Florida that bad.  Maybe the jail system make him feel better.  Life in Politicians scared to say ok we need 200 Trillion now.  Um this is America too mant assets, too much future still, time to pay later no problem.  You heard it here at break the piggy banks/ 200 trillion now.  We can get more later.  100 trillion direct payment to the people.  The rest in checking account, then get more later.  Kids no hazard pay working 8 to 12 hours to 15 hours in a day.  War zone at school.  200 trillion is a fair amount money for a strong country.  But really there is alot more in reserve.  Do u think America is only worth  20 trillion.  When a man owns more than 20 trillion in the bank.  So America the country is not as rich as 1 man.  Politics messing up what could be better.  Asking for baby money, country needs 200 trillion this next 5 years.  Trust if u use it the country is worth more than that.  Politicians are silly selling out for less than 100 million each, thats a shame.  U underestimate the value of USA.  You think u own your home, yeah keep thinking that,, people near Germany in WW2 found out that when the country didn't protect them they had everything taken away, amazing  treasures we have, some would say holok. Others would say best time I ever had, yeah.  I want to be in charge of that dept in life so we can re due my childhood it was magical.  Yeah it was great I, we my family now still has many of those treasures from the 40s that I came accross.   It was magical, to see the twinkle in the peoples eye, as I brought peace to them,  it felt good too,  i had a whole army to tell what to do.  It was like monopoly, but better.  I still have lots of treasures, I was in charge of taking peoples things and sending them off on a train around the world, I wasnt in charge of that.  O but they never told me where the train was going anyway.  But i was a general, i took alot of treasures like this one, look here a beautiful diamond.  I found it in the safe after they freely gave me the combo.  If i was just a little older i would have take her around the block before the train takes her around the world.  Would have been the best few hours of her life.  Some of the men got they chance.  It was so much fun they best time of my life.  Some say I was able to recreate a similar situation.  I dont think so that was once in a lifetime, but we stay hopeful.  But getting back to my cool stories, another family had paintings, and another family had jewels, tons of them, another family had gold bars, i still kept many of these items today nearby.  I took from so many which allowed me to parlay that to something else to what i have now.   Quite a accomplishment, and its only a coincidence many things i say, and other stuff..  But we are currently hiring here, i have to go but just look at this treasure in plain sight, it was from another family.  Greatest time of my life I think Hollywood would be a great place to tell my story my way, and i have the money for it, i just never thought about that.  Hm a movie company does sound like fun, we can make a movie of my life..  Coming to Scene in America near you..   not a coincidence.  We will undo what you do Trump in 8 years.  No problem we can wait.  We adapt.  We improvise.  So maybe we can figure out a different plan.  Now the shooter is alive, so it's gonna be a tough time for all involved, including the govt.  That he is alive could be a strain on the govt systems because if a lawyer says this is partially the govt fault then what.  At some points the pre govt is at fault, they failed the people.  .........New intel.Madden Approval HR3299 weaponized by Republicans,  another battle for money against the swamp. Swamp hurting, Trump policies have helped drain some of the swamp..  The swamp now is feeling the pain.  24 hours Trump recent dark activity.  Trump hot.  Business expert.  Swamp within Swamp, eye of the Storm.  Come out immenient. Swamp floors completely controlled by POTUS deals in place.  Madden Op in place Hr 3299 weaponize, big wound for the swamp,  does reach around providing money for people.  Swamp mad, it is lexactly ike cutting off swamp control.  FinTech/Madden weaponized. takes away from swamp.  HR3299 weaponized against the swamp ability to control from within.  Big financial  loss to swamp.  Go Patriots/Eagles.  False Flag distractions everywhere.  Nothing is random.  Past proves future.  Swamp angry today.  Sorry swamp, give up and get out.  Old news now.  Enjoy your freedom, ship is sinking.  Enjoy your time left.  Think Amitiville Horror.  "Get Out"  Ending for you is ugly.  You helped alot, #timesup.  Swamp hates bleach.  Its gonna hurt, come out immenent.  WH High Level briefing today Trump looking for peace and prosperity. Others looking for global donination.  It would have worked if it werent for that kid and his dog.. insider out.  Nice Swamp. No pues aqui estoy para dicirles que ustedes, nosotros somos DACA pero tienen que ir al paso de el desgraciaido ir pedir le porfavor señor al POTUS para que como pueden hacer eso.  Un dia si otro dia no.  Estados Unidos no son asi, por favor  y graciias, y ola mucho gusto, paciente, uena honda respectar, no es tu casa ya hoy.  No y tambien dile que necesitamos ayuda o frankamente dniro por quetodo esta carro, es mas de $12,000 al anño para child care y gasolina, aqui Cali/ Estd Un. Mucho dniro,  no hablamos frankamente señor Obama nos dejo y prometio creo que todo esta carrisimo pero maybe me no habla, no ueno no chingon. Cheap labor  No dniro No chingon no bueno.  No Dniro  no ueno.   No dniro  no contento no comer no chingon no dniro  no contento.  No ueno aqui. no habla ingles no dniro...  leche mucho dniro no mucho comer mucho dniro. Porfavor POTUS el Obama dijo algo y tambien todo mucho dniro. NO WIN-O. intel #FISAMEMO #RELEASETHEMEMO  #POTUSBEASTMODE 

Intel Drop aka crumbs High level WH Briefings. We don't say his name.  HA HA HA WH goes dark 24 hours POTUS Defcon level raised. Attempt failed Strong in the wings. Come out immenent. Brittain to AZ Rook vs King. King to pawn.  We dont say his name.  HA HA HA Monopoly Boardwalk, with Hotels.  Think Rocky. You can't win Rock.  Cut me Mick.  Adrian.  Rocky. I just want to say one thing to my wife at home. Yo Adrian!  Get well soon.  More Defnse.   Eye of the Tiger.  Defnse wins Championships. Defcon level highest.  NK showdown coming. New Germany circa 1940s.  Closer than you can imagine.  You may not want to know the ending. You cant handle the truth. Brittain high level AZ.  Look for intel.  Re read crumbs.. AZ is key. Brittain Door open. Who Door closed. AD here  Nice Swamp inside.  Cant stay.  Getting hot in here.  Patriot Defnse Trump Eagle.  Many love Trump.  Defnse Always.  We watching out for you,  Watched all year long be good. Milk up.  #250,000Perperson  Movement.  If u dont want it dont take it.  Crypro currency forever devalue the dollar. Unless more dollars in circ.  Love the people.  Babies in a expensive world.  $250,000. IWe get our intel direct in the mail.  Old school spy tricks needed, technology too easy to find source.  Source inside swamp Patriot/Eagle.  No coincidence.  Rep Retreat.  Much learn u will..Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate.. Smaller in number are we, but larger in mind. A challenge lifelong it is, not to bend fear into anger. Re read.  . ..Intel drop aka crumbs Former President Obama came over for a bbq and some hoops on a lowered court to the perfect height to play a good game of dunk ball. So as we were playing I said what do think about Trump. He said the jobs push is over already it used to be 35% or more unemployment, now its only down a few percentage points from where i had it. Now what if there are are thousands of open jobs but they all pay below standard of living, milk is going up for Americans, too many jobs, low pay, crumbs, more jobs for what? People can't afford things now is why i wish I could have another crack at President I would have turned this same corner and brought the people money to get out of poverty. is when I said the #$250,000 movement, that the Government provided $250,000 per person, and if u didn't want it you could just say no. I mean how does anyone person have more money than a country. Someone gonna have to share. Obama said that the government is going to have to give the citizens money, especially Cali is bad, and would def help the poor and you'd finally see some nice cars for the poor, things are too expensive for the people gov't needs to step in, and that he would.. And Obama continued, if Trump is trying to come after Obama legally, he laughed as he was dribbling the rock and we were faced up and we were headed towards a clash near the freethrow line, Obama looked at me and he said "im about to shake you off just like i will any charges Trump can bring and right then we heard a loud deep voice say "hey this is Trump, I heard that" but it was Chapelle just walking in, so right then Obama made his move on me, he crossed me over with the rock, then spun back into me with the quickness, then spun the other way , i lost balance and I started to fall so tried grabbing pnto BA but man he got me off balance so as i was falling i grabbed a hold of his waist so i wouldnt fall so hard but i didnt realize he had pushed me right under the basket he dunked 2 handed and pushed me off and i fell down kind of hard but i got right back up. HRC was courtside she said wow I didnt think you could still do that still BA, she laughed and said that looked so familiar, exactly like she remembered back to March 28th, 1999 when her Knicks played The Lakers and Shaq backed down Dudley and the rest is history Obama smiled and said, you cant touch this, also that he doesn't keep up with too much politics these days, then he quiped, people need to get dunked on they cant do that by themselves, and graciously tried to apologize for pushing me off but he felt that me holding on could of hurt us both, I didnt get mad i just laughed as we drank our waters. HRC said that was a nice play as she agreed laughing away at that monster dunk, that i was a victim too. We continued on with the barbeque. -Insider Swamp New drop Sen. Rand went off on the Gov't today.  Humvees/29 million in trucks and gear blown up/Destroyed.  $45,000,000 million dollar natural gas station for a region that had no natural gas cars, the Govt voted to buy this other country natural gas cars for this gas stations.  The arguements are to cap spending, but we are in 2018.  We are in 2018 this budgets are more 2003 now we have many more issues, people, causes and Government items, 2018 people.  The money they are asking for is not enough this year to pay down the debt, save, and spend.  We need double or triple that amount.   The money they are trying to get should not be an issue, Mr Rand  You cant do anything now about a different Govt spending issues.  You are at the highest level now, push for more money, this is the USA we ballin, so dont sell yourself short, be great, start more causes, get more money, give the people $250,000 each.  You guys make millions, on a $170,000 salary, let the people have money.  Fix workers compensation[The Dream Killer] shut down the Govt to stop the employers and their insurance companies are allowed to lie to avoid helping the worker,, killing the workers dream, but yall want them to work but just like veterans and how they are treated, the worker gets left behind, Company always wins, owners dreams not affected.  But y'all want us to work, then we get hurt, dreams killed, mortgages late, bad credit, cant refi bad credit, sorry take your house now.  Worker comp only benefits the employer, and while the employer is ok, the worker gets their dreams killed by this unfair Employer [one sided].  The worker should be treated alot better, i mean u want us to work for your dream but, but the worker dream gets killed, or delayed.  To many issues and Rand is fighting for baby money.  Maybe we need an upgraded Govt these old in the Govt.  Why yall ackin cheap... Insider  "It's nice in the swampo" yall not invited. CPT. 13,013 Code SBC 13- Congressional seating not a coincidence.  After Retreat.  Must give extra time-No Choice.  Dems Still know whats best.  OB Freedom Giver. Respect.  No wrong doing by Obama..  Gsummit rethink.  Crumbs-re-read. Why Congressional seats watch open for which side.  Money to be made for all.  $250,000 each American for 1x deal for Dems want Americans to be happy and enjoy life.  INfight now Congress Map, unlocks the future.  Future unlocks the past.  Patriots to the rescue. We dont say his name. OB Patriot controlled. HRC innocent controlled.  Red Or Blue pill. No other choice. Eagle Trump.  Doing best he cann,  Keep going Ptriot brother you are loved by many.     Trump is only hope. More Honey less vinegar, Trump understands the common man, corp tax cut, higher gas prices.  Trump to control too.  Fight fight fight.  God Bless you all Eagles and Patriots Super Bowl no coincidence Eagles won. Eagles = America  Trump routed Patriots.   Intel = crumbs re-read beliw. Affidavid will be nothing just like memo.  Patriots controll all. Trump doing great, enjoy the show. Patriots and Eagles work together only one home, too many kinds of dollars, de values the United States dollar unless the American people get $250,000 each.  Thats real money for wronging the publics trust, as a lawsuit againast the govt for devaluing our dollar. More Crumbs.  -Insider"Nice Swamp" ... NEW UPDATE...Read memo as a police report to the court(Intel Committee), or a coach throwing in a flag for a replay at the Super Bowl, but with a written memo lets say.  What the Republicans are saying is the referees are fixing the Super Bowl, they will not see the replay, stonewalling, delaying,  they will not help the other team with the replay, they are going to fix the replay.  The Court that is supposed to do something, is corrupt, along with other high position people, the fix is in and this is why the Reps had to go public for our help, the referees are tampering with the game.  The Intel Court is not helping the Republicans as they should.  Basically paving the way for more illegal acts, lie to spy on American Citizens.  If POTUS can't fire everyone who he thinks needs to be fired then America is screwed.  He has the power to remove anyone, it should be, if evidence is found backing up these memo claims.  Then all who helped, knew, aided, instructed, paid for, covered up or involved should be fired.   Now, if fired, question is who fired them, we all know that they fired them self, self inflicted wounds are different for everyone, karma, if you do illegal stuff and get arrested is it the cops fault?  Resist = Self Sabotoge(something, many people do).         I mean how are you going to be asking to spy on the POTUS in 2017 under the cover of fake news, and then all the grief Mr. Trump has gone through, fire them all, bring charges, there has to be consequences for all involved, and in the cover up, IF, the evidence and can prove it, then fire them all, and send to jail.  As we were speaking with POTUS at the Rep Retreat or can I just say Rep Treat because it has been a nice treat, hanging with POTUS and everyone here, we had the best crab cakes, and surprisingly good authentic Mexican food.  During out Rep Treat we spoke to everyone, and made sure to bring up that famous rocker from KISS Mr. Gene Simmons and how he would be a great RNC politician(We Need Mr. Simmons).  I will be reaching out to Mr. Simmons to try and get him to help Mrs. DeVos in Education.  Mr. Simmons has a great story to tell these kids, a inspiration to many, he can be, and would be great in the RNC, he is a "Dreamer" and so many American kids are, we would be very lucky to have Mr. Simmons come aboard.  I hope the Dems don't read this and contact him before I do.  As we were visiting with some Reps, they said that the without the Steele Dossier there is no spying on Trump, that the Steele Dossier was Weaponized to not only spy on Trump, but to have a "Insurance Policy."  They weaponized the Steele Dossier which was "fake news" in order to go in front of the highest judges in USA.  Also, POTUS says hi and that the court did not want to hear the Republican(Rep) complaint, and that the forces investigating Trump, are some corrupt individuals scheming to undermine the American people, as they spoke on Nov 8, 2016. No Russian interferance, or collusion, POTUS continued, why were other people in highly classified positions, allowed to make a profit of $150,000,000 with no investigation.  Trump continued that he has made far more money than $150 million dollars, but that was from providing a service, buying and selling products ranging from hats to Hotels to whatever Trump could buy and sell or provide as best as Trump could a nice, clean Hotel.  Trump continued speaking with me about how someone could make a profit of $150 million without selling anything, or providing legal services to patrons.  Trump said something was absolutely sold, no way anyone will just give $150 million dollars away.  Who ever gave the money, received something now the investigators just have to find out what was sold or traded.   Read below the memos and come up with your own conclusion.  Read how Trump saved the world from a war with Russia.

Dems ++  They have said that this is not the full story and that since Trump had ties to Russia, and Russia is a grave concern for National Security and that they had to ensure America is safe.  Intel was aquired then the Dossier was made.  The Steele Dossier was not weaponized and used as Fake news.  The Dems, just finished their memo and it will be released in a few days, showing it is all legal and is not a "fruit from the forbidden tree, they did nothing wrong and they are proudly serving the American people. "  This is normal protocol for years and Trump is not a politician so he is trying to tear down the USA Independance and Democracy stone by stone.  Trump rejected the law of the land and will have to answer for that.  Why was he colluding with Russia, why does he want the investigators to stop so bad.  My Dem contacts say they have done nothing wrong and they are Patriots and Americans.  Re read the intel drop, aka crumbs below.



---This just in --- We reached out to President Trump today after the vote to #releasethefisamemo he had me on speaker, but says hello to all and President Trump stated happily that he saved the world from World War III.  He stated escalating tensions with Russia and China over fake news intel by corrupt individuals in the place where he was getting orders to put sanctions on a somewhat innocent country?? Trump said he saved the war,  that he saved the world today from a possible war with Russia. This is why  Trump made the decision to stop further sanctions against Russia because of fake news within highly classified info supplied to intel court from individuals at the highest levels of gov't.   The Steele dossier and the release the memo is why McCabe is out at FBI even Schiffer  could be out soon, Operation Miockingbird White boy with glasses, he is under investigation, they didn't know they were being investigated.   They didn't know that the FBI and them were secretly under investigation, corruption at the highest levels  Trump would have wrongly punished a country for things that were made  up.  What a great conversation today with President Trump.  We were told the Dem version is their answer to Replublicans but needs to be highly redacted, they dont want you to know, but Negative Nancy says Rep. Ate the ones covering up so they are mad this is a highly sensitive internal issue that before Trump would have been kept classified.  But since the bully Democrats constantly attack Trump, the table is turned and the Dems are out of ideasNegative Nancy "its a cover up by the Republicans" She never wanted it to come out at all, only 3 to 5 people  have read some of these classified documemts.  You see the memo is a complaint and the police os the court.  Now we are awaiting the Dem response, but they want to cover it up.  High level people are quitting and making deals.   committee is like the police parties in memo is like a complaint that the Republicans drafted that the Republicans were saying these things going on all wrong this memo to the police which is the house of committee intelligence is the police the memo is the complaint by the Republicans so that's why they want to show you this memo and they have proof of false claims against Russia and pending sanctions on false claims. How are you going to put sanctions all Russia when Maybe it's a false lie which could further bad relations with Russia decided not to do the same questions right now. The memo rent visuals and several branches of the government trump save relations with Russia many countries with their money invade America so if you going to put the finger on one that put the finger on all of them but when there's a lie you can't do like that to Russia you going to start a war what Trump said tensions to World War 3. Trump save the world again today from false lies of the FBI and Department of Justice cuz of the FBI is under investigation and could not in good faith sanction Russia. --------- New story Former President Obama and the #RealeasetheFISAmemo doesn't show anything, but Republicans say it's proof of an outline of Obama's plan for America, showing many,  in a legally compromising position, which could lead to crimes to be tried in the military court, with a military jury and judge for  Military Crimes.  The military crimes are serious in nature and since  we were scheduled to dine at Former President Obama's home I decided to talk  to Former President Obama.   While at the Obamas, it was a nice evening about a week or two ago, hanging out with Former President Obama.  President Obama looked over at me and said as he was eating the best looking choclate cake you've never seen.  While we were eating the cake Obama looked over at me and said #ReleasetheFISAmemo, he never did anything wrong,  nothing to worry about just Republican politics and that things should be released because America is a free country and Trump is just doing what Trump and Republicans do best, God bless America.  And actually said Trump is alright in his book, and that he wants Trump to come over for diner in a week or two thats when Obama looked at his phone and called Trump and Trump answered,  and just like that they agreed to a private dinner next week, So stay tuned, because I am invited to go,  so looks like we have a new show, We talked for hours after that,, Trump stayed on Speaker phone for a moment but had to go, we joked and talked about life, and many things, so tune into the next edition of Hussein and me, 2 peas in a pod. --This just in--John Kerry caught trying to buddy up with a terrorist country, while at the same time trying to undermine President Trump.  This is the guy who just moved to Utah to take a Senate seat.  Vote for Trump backed reps in Utah.  This guy, should be questioned for trying to undermine his President with a terrorist nation, saying that Trump would not be President for long?  W T F?  Yo if it were Obama i would be saying the same thing.  Yo  the hood cray i dont think you should be habla about Trump he is our best shot at DACA since crying Chuck Shumer and Negative Nancy caved, gave up,, we need more business savy people then someone who is a politician and doesn't know how to talk to a business man like Trump.  Yall suck grade F. R..  Im still voting NO  John Kerry's actions and  behavior should be punishable, not praised by giving him a seat in the Utah Gov't.  Like Feinstine how is she worth 77 million on a $280,000.00  a year salary.  The Cali government needs to undergo a real business man like Trump to clean up Cali and quit ripping off the people.  Like if the take away this Trump tax cut from corporations its exactly taking away from the citizen make no mistake about that.  If they take any part of Trumps tax break to the corporations, that is exactly the same as taking from your pocket or your overall experience at the job.  Corporations are going to treat their  employees better with this corporation tax ctredit, that many greedy, scared old politicians need to check themselves on DACA.  Weak lady, shaking man who vote for her wealth has gone up, but California unfixed.  Vote for Trump backed politicians vote these old people out get businessmen in there that are pro Trump, only bevause the people keep getting ripped off, country is worse and only they get rich selling no product, but def something was sold for hany politician to get rich.  The Cali government is broken, people who cant take care of they own districts unproven, no history of business, Cali needs to get they money from the Fed not the people or corporations.  Why do they waste time every year on the same stuff like budgets, that should be a 10 year budget, with special cases,  disasters or other issues if the money is needed take it off the 10th year, then 9th year until it gets to 5 years then another 10 year budget.  Each individual is trusted to get into office shouldn't be a problem.  #$250,000perperson  #Penalty .... New   Former President Barack Obama has retained Defnse lawyers in 9 countries.  It's related to the #Releasethememo Movement.  We have some reps involved and the memo shows evidence of a corupt FBI.  Corrupted individuals in USA government positions that have been caught delet ing information, obstructing justice.  The servers have been found in Hawaii, but the only to get that info was a defcon1 data dump into the main federal servers.  Now Trump has them #Releasethememo. Trump has gone above and beyond his Call of Duty and this is only the 1st year. Trump  Wow #Releasethememo .Thank you Mr. Trump and you have exposed and done so much you are a nice man Trump help our Friends, pretty please sir we love America, we are mostly hard workers except a few criminals[kick them] I am sorry we wish we could have done something for them to stop the criminals, and we are loyal if you put us in police positions we can stop anyone we are tough and smart, we like you too, so it's a tough position and so stressfull please forgive us hardworking immigrants can we say please sir please!.  On the opposite sidee No DACA Negative Nancy Pelosi and Cryin Chuck Schumer must have been crying too much baby needs his bottle  FTG topic.........We are main stream media but all the regulators keep our numbers down so we look like nothing but we are MSM.  But they dont want to admit it hahaha!  Yeah!!  Love MSM yea Scappy SoS u part of this, but Google MSM is holding us down, not lettiing traffic on the site since 2006 and not giving us traffic, keeping us Mexicans down maybe the hood gonna talk to them, Google and the rest of MSM can give us traffic but they dont maybe you can habla Google and them to give us traffic so we can grow and help people, as we been doing since est. 2006, hopefully one day it will make enough to support us.  Thanks Scappy South Side New Story......... On a different not.... The Government: wasting and frivolusly  miss using your money(actuwackly, they money W.P.) giving it away, everything, not saving or??  and now it has to shut down, that is Imperialism and Communism, let me tell you how.   Talk about not saving any money or recent Dem excuse for voting NO on a tax cut for 365,000,000 Americans, 100 people repreenting 365,000,000.  Them ones that voted No damn vs. 365,000,000 u think u speaking for them all by saying no,  but you know USA agents gonna have to go in they piggy bank on this problem, sorry.  The real reason is  cuz they actually are hiding imoney, shut downs and debt ceilings are your border walls.  They got a border wall so no one can view the sea of full piggy banks and cash and printers, and paper and established bank accts ocean of accounts, and can print more.  This USA has a saving account they just dont want you to see it.  I worked for the gov't I seen it.   but soldiers wont get paid, that is imperialistic{I'll pay u when im readyp but if you owe me pay me now or i will put more fees, Imperialistic even the mention of it is Imperialistic, giving a total control feeling for W.P.) ali they  better have our pay checks cuz we not working for free.  But the Govt has been on this path for years before Trump, the gov't needs a cushion for the future, so the soldiers feel proud, and the people too,  not anothenegotiating tool for crooked politicians who don't want you to even get more money in your paycheck.  Who are the Dems working for cuz it seems they are against Americans,  she Look at that Pelosi lady, she a fraile old lady who if you get a large group of religious yelling religious stuff and acting cray, man she cracking at her,  scared easily,  group of rabid constiuent yelling at her= puppet, Oprah would be the same, soryy Op stay in acting if you gonna be a puppet, u too nice, cant change that after so many years of being nice and awesome, stay out of it, kind of sucks they call u out like that.  How come they dont ask Cardi B, she aint that nuce, she actuallly is better for America than Oprah.  Cardi B for President I think if someone mouth of to Cardi you know my dream  girl is the best give her #CardiBForPresident #NoMorePuppets #yougottooMuchmoney #PENALTIES #$250,000PERPERSON  #REFUND  Pasadena California Rose Bowl. had our rep on the OK sideline says overall coaching cost them the game.  Weak defnse coaching schemes, keeping great players off the field.  57, 96.  Seems 96 could be a racial situation, only 2 Mexicans on the team, white people owners.  We had our rep speak with some players on the sideline, some said the Mexican on the team get it the worst, since we defend against this type of behavior, we were intrigued.   Players stated that they get the worst treatment there has been much done in retalliation to hold them down by the coaches, in retalliation, treated unjust, wrong, retaliatory against the kids future, non scholarship 0%.Turns out the Mexican kid has a tattoo of Pancho Villa holding a Mexican flag, big tattoo Mexican Flag easily visable and in this stand or kneel football climate, the college football athlete has been caught in the middle of the politics, caught in between Kap and his own form of discrimination.    Since only 2 Mexicans on the team that Mexican flag tattoo iis disdained enough to cause the coaches to retaliate in many ways against the senior who was born and raised in Oklahoma, this senior has also paid his own way in the football program and the coaches went back on their promises and word to help this kid, They don't even keep his stats updated on they website but they sure use him against Sooners 1st team offensive line always. They did  #96 similar to the way 57 was done.  About 57, they didnt want him to shine at Rosebowl so he would have to come back next year and play for them next year.Since there is not many Mexicans on the team he was treated as substandard when it comes time to help the kid, the coaches want to hold the players down.  Thus is why they lost, the defnse looked tired, no switch outs, keeping great players off the field.  Talk to 96 & nosegaurd 57.  Been trying to hold them down.  Since we don't see any Mexicans on the team we see it.  I for one am glad they lost haha thats what u get. Mayfield took them as far as he could, but the overall coaching sucks grade F.R.  The Bulldogs are a class act and they defense and offense, wow superstars, they cant be stopped.  Georgia Lost. Alabama #Champion#1 Yeah! Trump Now Cali needs help, officials worried more about corporations interest, that is anti American, against the citizen. $20,000,000,000,000.oo is not alot of money for the USA.  Actually that is approx 10% of the value of the USA and some say only 1%.  Look at the numbers and the atmosphere, this is not alot of money.  Trump just cut 250,000,000.oo off all he needs 99 more cuts at this anount and we are even.  Thats a little only 99 more times and the debt will be paid off.  I think that is no challenge for Mr. Trump.  He is so cold he could prob pay it off in a year or 2.  That dude cold he could dig into that Presidential banck account that top secret shit no one know about and pay everything over night.  But the dems prob gonna trip no you cannot pay it off, they always against the voter, should be some laws against, combined with speedy removal of senators or congress. There should be a rule about this kind of behavior. Now take Trump and how much he has done. America, Trump found alot of money by audit, and now can bring back the lowest income, a file your taxes and get $250,000 per individual refund for prior issues involving gross errors , waste and violations of our rights, by previous admin. If our tax money can be given away then give to ourselfTrust me $200,000 will not last long.  A car some rims and sounds easy $50,000 to $250,000 depending on car and rims.  So now its all gone and im in my apartment but a got a paid off whip.   You see we deserve this because the politicians we vote for them but they go off course and waste and even as bad as stealing, theft, laundering.  Geez $250,000 is fair, i can only see this number going up.  You see you have this fake wall of debt blocking us off, but a sea full of piggy banks filled behind you just out of sight.  The debt can easily be paid off with that sea of full piggy banks behind you.  I see ithis as a painting only., but can't draw. Kind of like a wall blocking the Mexicans, then us citizens then another wall (National Debt) blocking us off so we cant see behind that wall, but I seen whats on the other side, it is a sea of money and piggy banks stacked higher than that wall(National Debt).  That sea of money also has printers in case they need to fill a new piggy bank.  Some money piles or stashes rhey will be buried with in case they are found in 5000 years. Trump you are awesome was watching best comebaccks then they put cool sun glasses and gold chains on, so great. TRUMP ! Got to go helicopters circ now looking 4 me. . Go TRUMP○)> Officer Clarke to be UN representative, Trump does not go says "top secret can't tell you!"  Crowd goes wild newspapers grill him over what is  top secret.  Free press is outraged!  

But they don't mention the young kids working 12 hour days with no pay being taught things that they never use.  Schooll in some ways of the past that certainly should be re-though   Parents caught in the pay - check to pay check.   

 -aint none of my business tho

 China's subsidiary like a trained dog "more gift packages to come!"

 The NK bombs detonated underground has caused the Mexico earth quake.  Technology they have been working on through a underground mapping system of how energy is disbursed, nearby oceans.   Underground location of detonation inspected by China, with CH permission to detonate.  China reports multiple detonation sites underground, when detonate, explosions channel through these locations to delivery for "gift packages" directed at USA.  Scientist getting better to be able to pinpoint destruction locations, but Mexico was a miscalculation by scientist.  NK China to help with massive amounts of people and money, China/NK feels liable for Mexican lives and destruction due to still developing technology.   China is caught lying about its ownership of "NK a subsidiary", owned by CH, their so called dog against their enemy Japan, SK & the west.  More detonations scheduled, will happen until China technology can pinpoint better these "gift packages,"  they are causing this from underground detonations the hurricanes too, Mexico to accept China help but keep mouth closed about NK.   Mexico is a friendly country in need of help, will let the bully of the earth go, Mexico can't do anything.  NK detonating to take a short break after our investigation, but will continue at a smaller pace next detonation targeted at California.  While at a dinner with some Chinese government officials a drawing was seen, a photo of the drawing and the official is in our possession, it makes sense of what China and others want.  They want USA to be theirs and want to obliterate the USA out of the history books.  


So much has happened.   I am thankful to have a job.  I am thankful to have food and many other things. What about the k to 12 grader? In grades 4 to 12 you can work for from 730am to 3pm get home eat something take a lil baby break, play and then back to homework or catching up on something the kids are working till 11pm or later working for school, but at home. At 18 nothing to show for all those years of labor $0 most kids I know. Labor laws come into mind,, i think a good lawyer could make a great case against the broken system, it would be a great case for a great lawyer(gwDT). Stay up till 11pm, study, do extra work to get into college. The kid woke up and got to school by 730 then was at school till 3 pm, maybe later depending on sport or activites. So lets say gets home at 3 pm then does homework till 8pm at night for projects or tests. That is more than 12 hours on occasion, in the system, this broken system that The President of USA is trying to fix. This same system that makes the kids work 8 to 15 hours a day with no pay or any compensation. But the kid has to work 8 or more hours a day. Then they are at school and they get killed, or witness this. This is a different world that kids are targets now and parents should fight for hazard pay for the kids so when 10th grade comes around they have lots of money and parents get money too to ease the tension of leaving your kid at school. In San Bernardino by a Pastor no less, the kids are our future and they have to go through this. Maybe Trump will try to show us love and unite the world and do great things. Because kids and their parents need more time togerher. Then they come home and do all the chores to help, they dont play, and they should get hazard pay. The kids are being put in the school system that doesn't work for some but are forced into it. There should not be, dare I say "child slavery?" The parents should immediatly talk to a lawyer, child labor laws or hazardous environment. is what the kids are going through, the kids are experiencing it on a daily basis, the parents should get wages for a years work back on their taxes. This is not right to do to the kids, what did they do to deserve that? Not paying them money is a shame, possibly child slavery, or labor law violation go home and do more work, not as abusive physically but abuse does occur for no reason, see bullies, the kids have rights to you know. Parents need more help financially, but the kids should be paid as well. USA has so much money but they are being cheap. Everyone, what is Trump been doing for California, to bring California closer. I only see fighting, no bueno. Ok Lets keep together a word. Together we can get through this without fighting together. All together we can work it out without name calling, because that is a 2 way street, if you say or do something krass, dishonorable or mean to someone then the other party has to get their turn to to speak, and with some people you just don't know how they may do stuff back to you, you will not like it just as much as how you did that to them, same feeling, not productive either way. Think about and do good stuff, look at ( Tump he is wild but on his shows he was ok, now he brings hybrid-politicians forever, he has changed how politics will be done. He has changed the politician now, he has created a hybrid-politician.

 Freedom, like many things USA manufactures, it needs badly to be delivered to the middle east.  If this vacuum of power will take hold of a territory, then the USA should take over a huge swath of territory in the middle east and deliver freedom to the middle east.  Build a USA there to deliver the freedoms they deserve, and maybe they want.  Would be funny to see these War mongering criminals wake up and find out they are American now, lol.  But the oil of that territory would easily pay to get that United States up and running.  But these reactions that they now live on American soil.  And that the other folks they are at war with are also Americans.  Priceless.  But much regulation needed only Trump could provide.  We would be letting millions of women, children and lives be free.

I hope that Trump will do a good job Business masters taking care, now that is a good thing, people will have jobs, vote Republican, keep the positive changes coming. For those of you with much hate, try Opening your hearts a little, don't greive and hate so much, try being truly nice and pleasant, also patient. Let Trump have 4 years of Republican voting so that he can get things done to keep the jobs and money in America, there are too many homeless, and some are veterans. Trump will do something, but give the Republicans the vote. Also guys remeber, before you act and speak, because if you pick the wrong person to be that way to, this other person can and will tell you things that will make you feel some type of way. Why fight anyways, work together, don't attack, just make the effort to work together is American way. Acceptance is a big word too. Acceptance and graciousness, dont fight, work together, hold your tongue as they say, get along, make great things happen together. Dems to work with Republicans now, stop fighting, very important to be a good sample for the kids.  Next is to wish.  I wish that in 2017, worldly good will happen and that the end of 2016 will offer greatness and some sort of Christmas bonus for all, to purchase something nice for ourselves.  That is what you do to keep yourself motivated and up and running.  Reward yourself for goals reached and bonuses for going over.  Reward yourself, listen to Ice T/Body Count version of Institutionalized, a masterpiece with a great video, all the finger snapping anyone could ever want, it could be that the song is too short, or maybe its just me. Ice, I been listening since early BC, pusher and 6 in the Morning(6 in da BC, would be da shiz), thank you for this awesome piece!  Back to the point. Some just can not due to financial problems, so I am asking you please give up a $1000 per person, I mean us workers are paying about 30 -50 percent in different taxes. That is way too much, the govt should be making money off other countries, minus taxes to all people.  That is all a lot of people would want to help each other, and that is the goal.   Teamwork and rewards, working in the whole crew to see who will win in the clutch.  Looking out for your people big or small.  

On another note.. 

All I here is taxes need to go up in the news?  Villagrosa is talking about a new tax.  Everyone is talking about more tax.  Geez too much talk about keeping the people down with over taxation.   Can't they figure out another way to make money for this country, like off other countries.  Thank you, Mr. President Trump, he seems to be the 1st who talked about making money in other areas and less in taxing people.  There are so many countries that have lots of money, go after them to alleviate your people.  If there is one of those nice generous people that would like to donate we would appreciate that, and the donation button is at the bottom of the site.  Back to the point, there are too many taxes already.  Is there not another way for this country to make money off of other governments?  All they talk about is more taxes.  It is why we fought our original government, over too many taxes, and it is happening again.  Your check gets taxed, then if you drive you get taxed tremendously.  

China should pay upfront a tax for a new license, that way they could save in the long run.  A upfront tax would help by not taxing individual products but as a license.  Upfront new license fees depending on materials or other specs.  upfront money is better than per item that way it will take longer to hit the market, the cost of the tax.

All while raising taxes and losing good paying jobs, we are being overtaxed and that is why I am asking you to spread the word about being over taxed.  We need a virtual tea party challenge where we make cool memes of being overtaxed, while crying.  Cool Memes!  Memes are fun, a highlight of my day sometimes, I am guilty of screen-shooting them and looking at them again later.  I am a meme-a-holic. And I like the SNL with The Trump (Baldwin) for giving us a great laugh and for Trump for being elected, thankfully.  I am hopeful that this SNL bit will continue, it is fantastic.  I am sure that many people love it, I know it is funny af.  I love SNL.  I am thankful for SNL.  I am also thankful for bikini's and other female garments from their favorite lady store.     


 Wow just saw the most amazing short video!  We at would like to present The Syrian Civil Defense "White Helmets" this as a representation of our gratitude for making the video.  What you must be going through in your home land.  To show the world you need help, only to be scolded.  You have successfully made a great short video and we can only hope for more videos please.  Thank you for your courage to make the video and thank you to all the participants, who may have personally experienced these atrocities.  Thank you guys it was brilliant mannequin challenge video!.



You had the courage to mix current events all together, wow amazing short video. It was eye opening, amazing job.

And to the bullies: You do not understand everything in this world and your tactics of making the company apologize for they're mannequin challenge because you were visually offended, that is a bully and they have already experienced so much bullying already.  Get with it, don't get offended by it.


Man I hope these protest get old quick, because it's demeaning, and a terrible lesson for people.  I mean if there really was someone paying the protester, to promote such hateful agenda on someone.  The guy, obviously doesn't believe in karma because he has been lucky all of his adult life.  

Grow a better people boss.   

I am trying to get this loan right, but there are very few options for affordable, small to large 4-30 year loans at a high interest.  I see why, but it can be changed. You see my $8,000 loan that I am hoping is going to finish and fund soon, is at 36% interest.  But I need the money.  Please, lower the long term and raise the short term, but you guys will certainly raise the cost of home ownership rather, aggressively.    

Which brings me to why not try to bring people together lady, from the current admin. talking about raising the interest rate, that is old administration stuff,  bless her heart, I mean doesn't people play monop, you get a orange card then you turn it over and it says "accounting error in your favor. bank pays you (go buck wild, it's for your country), and don't forget you get the free parking money too.  Then you pass it down to a brother, so we can pay off some stuff, invest for the future.  But.  

If these are the lessons we show each other, then Hawkings is wrong and I predict in the next hundred years.  O yea wait, but Trump won.  Maybe we get 400 years then the Earth will break open or the nuclear material, that the older generations created will break and Japan, Russia will have been early warnings.  But lets build more and bring that 400 years prediction down to 40 years.  Nuclear ammunition is a problem.   You don't think the world is hot enough inside, you detonate inside the earth, listen here guy, that has a ripple effect on the whole earth, and maybe that is your plan.  You guys Trump is so smart, we cannot be the world's policeman pillar.  Just with this action, he is acting as President to protect you and your family from future harm.  Stop the hate against him, he maybe the one to solve this nuclear problem that is passed down from older generation. It really is sickening to show the kids that side of you, it is really sad to hate.  But you will be on your own soon I hope that I have done something to help.  Donate if you can below. scroll to the bottom, there is a donate button, thank you.   I wish I didn't have to beg, but in exchange for your donation, I offer something to read. 

Good Luck Trump.  But currently if interest rates are lowered to a negative then people being taxed would be less.  Raising it would not help the working class at all.  They will have to pay more and the seller would have to possibly lower the asking price.  People already talking about raising stuff.  We need more customers, we need more clients we are all fighting for the same clients.  How about a Christmas bonus?  

Isn't that something, Mr. Trump won, congratulations! California, you will be ok guys everyone will be fine.  You guys take all that to heart.  Trump will be good for you, but is not yet over.  You will make more money, hopefully.  But everybody just calm down, you guys get mad fast.  You Democrats are a tough bunch.  Please take it easy you crazy Democrat, your animal should be something ferocious for sure, but just take it easy.  If the rest of your countrymen believe this is the way, we would be patient and go along.  So please be supportive as you would request us to do the same.  And I hope you are strapped in for this ride.  Gonna be amazing!



This is similar to the truck I drove to the polling place.  And said everyone should have a truck like this.  Voting for Trump means that you want everyone to have something like this for you and your loved ones.someday.     Vote for Trump.   Trump won, amazing!

Trump won?  That is an incredible come from behind win, a underdog story as it should be in the USA.  What an amazing story.  That is exactly what makes America great, the underdog, the ultimate champion story Trump.  Never had a chance everyone said but he won.  Even the tortoise can win, just be patient and work hard, as Trump out worked Clinton.  Good Job that is amazing.  I like the underdog stories, this is one your kids can learn from.  Get mad for what? "Offensive Strategies"  


 Sorry Mrs. Clinton.  We love you, and you have done so much for this country and you should be so proud of everything you have done for us.  We love you!  We hope that you do the right thing, whatever that may be.  We love you and thank you for everything and all these years.  You should not be bashed by people.  

 And to all y'all immigrants can you go to school to learn some American culture, since you live here.  There should be some sort of manner classes on how to be nice to others. It is a common occurrence the "hate, haters thing" that is always on going, such as hogging freeway lanes like they belong to you, as you have a long line of cars behind you but none in front and too many car lengths in front, possibly 20+ and no one in front.   I think you are a bully and bullies are haters.  Can't hate on people.  That is not American, learned through culture, economy and poverty, but it should be addressed world wide.  Hate is terrible.  Nuclear weapons is terrible..  You see there is much strength in patience and being kind and generous to others, not to mention nice and courteous.  In return if you do it enough it will become a trait of being happy within.  It takes many years of practice but it makes you genuinely happy.  And that leads to other great feelings. Be patient with one another and if you want to be generous our donations link is near the bottom of the website.  It will help keep us in business.  Thank you in advance for your generosity.  




 September 27, 2016 

The other day I saw an immigrant parent and her 4 young daughters begging for money off the freeway.  Is this what they have to look forward to when more immigrants are let into our country.  This is what we have to offer to these people who left a miserable place are now miserable again having to beg for money.  I do not agree with the politicians who let these immigrants in and now they are begging for money, I am talking young 5th grade girls on the street begging, it was not a pleasant sight.  This family should not have to endure that, it is wrong I think.  Too much talk, not enough action in my opinion.  Like a famous business man recently said while we were on stage together, "Don't just say it, do it!  Only talking no action is no way to do things."  I was on stage with this billionaire just me and him when he said this, a motto he lives his life by.  

We are a online business with products to sell and money to make just like any other business.  So please stop ripping us off, we see our imprint in many things.  To the nice people out there I am sorry if you see it too, we are not speaking to you, our apologies.  So please all if you can afford it please show us some love and donate, we deserve it. since 2006 been fighting for equality and fair treatment of all and also been fighting for Veterans.  If you would like to donate at the bottom of this page is a donate button.  Thank you.  

September 26, 2016

About the 76ers I can see the slashers moving/ sharing time at sf then pf then you can switch em up man maybe a new champ emerging.   To have a back up center in your back pocket, to not over work, that's a good team.  Good luck scoring against them, now they just need some gaurds and 3 point shooters watch out for them.


September 3, 2016    

On another note...About the border problems how many Mexicans can we let in please?  If you are gonna let them in could you have a fair portion of Mexicans let in here please.  So that it will be mixed just right like what ever number you are to let in from the middle east compared to Mexicans.  That way it is fair to our borders south who are hard workers.  That way we have a more equal cultures to be respectful to our current community, because much culture shock to the middle east people aqui.  Deja entrar a los Mexicanos por que somos muy bueno para todo, y somos indios tambien con familia india aqui mas antes de su pais.  Gracias por su ayuda, estamos aqui a su servicio, + your neighbor Mexico. 


August 12, 2016

Asia.  Strong Black woman in Cali.   You better listen to her, she doesn't play.  She is a young woman who tells it like it is, and watch out if you think, what she said is funny.  Strong but fair woman.  But who does all of the family go to when they need something, yea that's right, they go to Asia, she delivers.   Now Asia has to work many hours at her job, she is a nurse for various wealthy families who hire a company for hospice care, and the company sends Asia.  Her friend who she got a job for, from out of state also worked there come to find out.  

Her friend who is only in California for 4 months so far.  She had to give up her lease, and move back to her home state.  All because she couldn't handle being called a nggar by some white lady and others in general that pay for the hospice help but then call these girls nggars, and in a fashion of go on and get that nggar and bring it back to me.  

Asia puts up with this on a daily basis because Asia has to support 4 kids of her own and several other kids from her extended family.  The money #hiddenmessage hey yall i need help someone related to a lawsuit, i think is gonna do something to me. I really could use the help, i think they are going to x me ouk for real. If yall could pitch in and donate i really could use it, surely life saving. The donate button is at the bottom of site paypal, account says skateboards Thank you. Back to it...#end that the jobs provided for these 2 women was barely enough to support.  Lawyers have been contacted but not 1 lawyer cared or responded because there was no law barring this.  

Considering the payers of of the hospice company are well to do affluent people.  They targeted this young black woman so that they could live out their child hoods when that was acceptable.  They continue to target this woman and live out there sadistic childhood experiences again and again.  Like a sick person.  No lawyer wanted to help and it is California June 2016 and is still happening.  

I told you she is a strong woman.  She ain't scared though, she doesn't even go to church.  She ain't scared.   They tried taking her to church, the gospel, the witness people, catholics, the christians all tried to get her to join them.  She has different options when it comes to cults and religions.  But she ain't scared and she doesn't have to ask no one for patience, she doesn't ask no one for money, or groceries for her family.  She keeps her home immaculate at all times and boy don't you leave a mess, and clean up your toys, put them away in the section they belong, I told you already.  She doesn't ask for nothing from no one and she handles all of her responsibilities.   And if you are offended, just put yourself in Asia's shoes that she has to put up with this in the present day 2016.  Be like her be patient, be strong, help people, and don't be scared.  No need for all the hate though.  There should be classes as you are growing up on what is right and wrong, how to act more refined and be nice and patient.  These immigrants who have been let in should go through some kind of crash course in USA culture, but we are already a rude and mean species by nature.  So maybe nothing can help.

Get Asia out of that job to a better one too.  Thanks.


Congrats Cleveland!  Nice come back ,nice series, it was one of the best.  


6-8-16 12:01 am PST. 


What about bullies?  I think Trump is teaching us about how to deal with bullies. A bully will try to get away with all kinds of bullying, but we are taught to stand up to bullies.  That is what Trump does, he stands up to people, that is a trait we need in a President. 

Sometimes we get bullied and we don't realize it, or are too shocked in the moment to reply.  Trump stands up to all bullies and for that reason we like him. He is teaching us that you must stand up for yourself if you are being bullied.  You can do everything in your power to be nice, tell the truth and do the right thing, but the bully who is in the position of power will be a bully at the end of the day. Sometimes you can't see the bully until it is too late.  

I think Trump knows when he is going to be bullied, there are some tell signs that the person you are dealing with is a bully but some people can't see them for what ever reason.  Trump can spot them a mile away and at first interaction, if the bully does something to Trump, he will not just take it.  And for this reason we should praise Trump, because he is showing us how to spot a bully and to stand up for yourself.   Trump is not a bully.   He only stands up to the bully, which should be a lesson learned for us.  

There are bullies everywhere.  We should hold in high regard the lessons Trump can teach us on how to deal with bullies.  He can also help this economy get out of this funk we are currently in.   He is a business man and at least should get a fair shake, it is 4 years in office he should have a chance to those years in office because he is not a push over and is right on many of his ideas.  

We do need homeland, thank you Trump from this minority who just wants peace in the world, and more money for the family.



We know this much San Bernardino(the city) was assaulted with gun fire, go on your favorite video site and count the minutes that San Bernardino was assaulted.

If it happened in your city, I am positive that most would be terrified into thinking about homeland security.  The Department of Homeland security is still in San Bernardino looking for someone.  The city is being held hostage and we want to help our city.

Most cities in southern California are within driving distance and there are no amount of laws that can stop people from getting their hands on guns.  Smash and grabs, I heard are on the rise.   

What I am saying is homeland security should be a top priority. of our homes and family is the most important and all y'all should be concerned, just look at the videos,  5 minutes of constant gun fire against only 2 people.  

Fight now for it, because when it goes down, you can only fight or hide.  Fight now. Debate Bernie Sanders!  Thanks for reading


Movie stuff:

For all you spy folk out there I heard that 007 might be Jennifer Garner?  That would be awesome, she was awesome in her show a while back.  She has experience kicking butt, and she is a hot mama.  Sorry B, just stating some facts, we loved her show before.  Or potentially another woman would be great to see, and why can't her name be James Bond.  No one would expect it and she could go under cover as a woman with another name.  Some covert stuff.  Thanks for reading!

Mamba: 60! A win, thank you very much for the greatness all these years, it was amazing!    Peace homie... dueces.

Defnse Training:  

Go for the the nose, ears, or knees as if you are giving your hardest punch or kick, directly in that area of compromise as if it was a door, when you are at your angriest.  

It should give you the time to make another move. Keep your strikes lightning fast and do not telegraph your movement or think about when to strike, it is a window of opportunity that shows itself, a window of opportunity you can make by yourself.

 Someone I know left someone else crippled with only one shot to the knee(with a straight forward kick to the knee cap area as the guy put his weight down onto that leg) he kicked.   The guy went down.  

There is a point in time where you just go for it like a frogs tongue catching a fly, not telegraphing your move.  Then you go into defnse mode 2:  keeping your chin tucked and your hands in defnse mode near your eyes and move and go for another attack if necessary or run away and call the police.  But again your attacks must be lightning fast.  

Like a frogs tongue going after a fly but because the fly over extended and the strike was lightning fast there was no other possibility.

 And if your kid is being bullied use the shin-do-hurt technique it hurts them but they get the picture and they get over it after a bit.   Someone's kid is known for being the shin kicker to bullies.  They left him alone though.  But knowing what to do on the ground is important as well.   See Magno Almeida in Garden Grove California. Great instruction and attention to detail within.   


 Breaking News!!  San Bernardino CA.   

"A breeding ground for terrorists cells"

Once known as the murder capital of country, San Bernardino is headed backwards, instead of forwards.  City officials have their hands tied and do not have the voice or the money to do anything about it.  The gangsters from various southern California neighborhood gangs are SUWOOPIN, MOVIN, AND GROOVIN to this town, blending the two.  

So now they are mixed in with all the other gangsters, this town's crime is headed in the wrong direction and the city officials can't do a thing to stop it, no funds. The police also have to do their jobs with the nonviolent issues and cats in the tree stuff.

These officers have their hands full and no one can do a thing to help them. Something happened a couple months ago already so maybe that is old news.  But if someone doesn't step in soon these officials and policemen are going to be too busy and these cells will grow without impunity.  Now that cell could grow just like in science and all because the state of California officials wanted to save a few bucks, but actually, come to think of it, it really is in the hands of the federal government since this is a terrorist cell in San Bernardino California.  But there are not enough cops to watch out after us.   San Bernardino California needs more funding for jobs and police, then maybe the people might enjoy that city they live in and could in turn, give intel, because they don't want to mess things up.  Take downtown SB for example.  Also, why no metal detectors in the court houses, & the like in SB.  Make it nicer so they work with you, not against you. You know a SB in your home town.  San Bernardino is an important route on the map and not a far drive or "get away" after the fact, look it up on the map. Suwoop!  


Trump for President.  His thoughts are that of a grandfather caring for his children.  Why does he care about walls or other stuff he is rich?   He can have his wall around his house and be that rich guy chilling, but he cares about something greater than himself.  Give the guy a chance.

He is not looking for fame and wealth, he already has that, maybe respect.  If that's the case then good, he probably deserves to be treated with respect.  Man, people nit pick on stuff.  Like, damn your company only gave a a hundred million dollars? (Who are you, should probably not pass judgment so fast)   The guy says mostly what he wants, then people get outraged then they think about what Trump said and then they think, well ok, that is maybe ok..   It's kind of like with people, when they are not peaceful and patient, you don't get to see the outcome of what could have happened if you would have been patient and peaceful.  For example, the Lakers would have had like 10+ titles in the Kobe / Shaq era.  Lebron probably would have won last year.  If they would have been patient it could have ended the way we would have wanted.  Kind of like it did for this landlord we know.  The tenant owed him for almost 3 full months back rent.  The landlord didn't evict him, he actually tried to wave all the back money owed and lower the rent for future rents for this tenant so to help the tenant catch up on rents.  Even though the tax money was coming the landlord just wanted his tenant to keep his money.  The landlord forgave all the money owed as a gift for the tenant and wished them well when they moved out.  A few weeks passed and the tenant called the landlord and said do you have any work to make money.  To make a long story short, the tenant ended up doing upwards of a $12,000+ plumbing job for $450 that the landlord was shocked to see his old plumbing, he was happy to have paid him the $450.  The landlord was always patient and calm with the tenant and the landlord was paid back handsomely with interest.  Some times you underestimate your own power, so be patient and peaceful to one another, and lets see what happens in November.  Go Trump!   

 Striving to make America United, Once Again!  Unless of course the best thing is to break it up into mini countries.  Like California us no good ingrates.  America helped them get on there feet now they want out, Oregon, Tex etc..  Or maybe it will be controlled by a few who want to be in power and they will break it up J/K.

Interesting to see what happens, if this economy keeps spiraling out of control, and no recent or current President has been able stop the hemorrhaging.  I hope to unite as we once stood.   We like Trump, he understands.  

No money, no happy.  No happy, no good life.  We are in 2016 think outside the box.  We can help if you have any questions.         


Never gonna happen :(

Maybe R. you should not be a bully, the other day you bullied someone on the freeway by driving slow in the fast lane with more than 10 car lengths in front of you and really it could have been 30 car lengths and you hit the break on the guy behind you.  Pretending not to be a bully and just going about your bully business, not accepting responsibility of your bullying ways.  Bullies are bullies and it is ingrained in their soul and for us non bullies we get to experience what being bullied is all about.  People can't just be cool.  Come through to L.A. and bully us I think what will happen is that you will get scared and call the police because now you are scared bully who runs to daddy.  That is what bullies do sometimes, of course there is the more extreme bullies and I am sure many know of ways to deal with those kinds.  Bullies have to be confronted but could you use that for your defnse.  I think so, someone did something to you so you have to do something to them.  No choice.  Sadly a bully is nurtured into a bully because he sure isn't born a bully, things happen and bullies are grown just like a lot of other stuff. And the truly sad part about it is that a bully can be a wolf in sheep clothing, like this very precious looking older lady.  She actually threatened to spit in my boss/compadre drink one day, when she was chosen to get lunch for everyone.  Then another time she gave me something homemade to eat and I wound up in E.R. and when I pull up to the parking lot I see her exact make and model and color vehicle is parked in the E.R parking lot.  A coincidence of course. Other times she would report to the owner that I was gone from my desk for 30 mins in a fierce and upset manner to the owners of the company, but it was only 12 min.  She would report me for so many other things some of which was none of her business and personal matters but sh over stepped on several occasions reporting me, it was outrageous I counted 15 times and the owner said it was way more, that she said about my performance was sub standard in many ways, when in fact it is not the case. She bullied me for more than 10 months till I finally lost my cool with her, it should have never gotten that far but I was patient for 10 months, but a really patient girl said that I should not have said anything and just continued on.  I am not sure, but this lady was the nicest looking lady remind me of my mom.  Bullies are everywhere and it is unfortunate.  How about less tequilas and more beers and comida(food) with amigos alike in this universe.  You'd have to be a little crazy to do it, but why not, it's not that crazy.  brb I wish it be true for that old Dove commercial saying that I wish Dove take me away.  JK but donate if you can at the bottom, thank you.  See this dude for any bully handling you need:

What about just being cool like the alligator who won't close his mouth with the man arm inside the mouth when something suddenly happens.  Why isn't the alligator ripping the guys arm off, maybe because he enjoys the territory he has obtained and will comply to keep it, a small win, is still a win.  Smart animal I am sure once he learned to comply he was treated great and it calm his inner ego to something less important so that h could enjoy his daily winnings.   


About jobs and working.  How about good citizens bonuses? 

60- 80 hours a week at $10 - $15 an hour is not much, but you have to spend every minute dealing with some co workers and bosses that stress you out some more because they are having a bad day and they take it out on you.  Gas is down but my car that is beat up needs repair and easily for a new transmission or something its an a lot of money or a new fridge or dryer and it happens at the same damn time, makes me feel some kind of way, and you work so much you don't have the time to relax with your kids, except for with all these problems and that is just too many complications on my mind.   Full time should be more than 25 hours a week, just because some companies will try to avoid the costs.  And they should, the USA should have a better tradition with its workforce and the world than it does.  No one should have to work 2 - 3 jobs to make ends meet.

And don't get me started with a single parent, how will they ever afford a home, not in this lifetime.   Let's say two kids mother and father didn't work out or even 1 kid and one of the parents never remarries because they feel a devotion to their kids.  That parent be them male or female will not have the money to buy a home.  That is not a nice thing to do to a hard working parent.  The single parent problem with split custody where both parents cannot split the tax deduction even though it is a 50% split custody.  How is that fair to either parent.  (We hope to help the people, that is why we do this and we hope some people help us keep up the movement. donate if you got it, help keep us open, we are a small business in a huge market.  We hope you can see our heart and you can be assured good things would be done here:)

Give incentives to small businesses and to people in general how about a bonus for being good citizens every quarter, especially those who have to go to work and work 30+ hours a week, dealing with bullies in traffic & at the job through all the nonsense they put people through on a daily it's discouraging.  Give a little Uncle Sam, we are good people, I mean a nice big bonus that makes a difference.  We the people are good citizens and have gone to work daily we deserve bonuses.  Why do you think that in order to give things out you have to raise taxes in other areas.  How about Santa he gives without asking for stuff, but he does want to know if you have been naughty or nice.  Taxes are already too high anyways.


"Commitment to Excellence"  

 Made in the USA 

 No More Taxes!!

On to another topic, lets change gears a bit. 


Product tip.  9-13-15

 So how about bubble gum smelling cleaners?  How come there are none available on the market(odd)? I mean isn't the smell of bubble gum just great or what, but seriously still nothing yet?  You think any other smell could beat the smell of bubble gum, anyone who would walk into your home would feel like a kid again, and who doesn't like that feeling? Or Vanilla rocky road, what?    

Can someone help me out with that.  I may actually want to make my home smell like bubble gum.  I may just clean more to make my pad smell nice. Then eat vanilla rocky road, that may make my day busy enough to not think about stuff.  

Just keeping busy so I am not thinking about all the stuff that makes me feel.  I don't like to sit there and think about stuff, is complicated.  Some issues which could be resolved and others that has great affects on me.  

Staying busy is better, and if by staying busy it makes me the money I need to resolve an issue that is on my mind, then 2 birds with 1 stone.  Funny how money can resolve many issues that are on my mind.  Other issues of course, money is meaningless.  

Some people are great people but will never get the chance to shine because for them, money would solve the issue for them to buy something they need that makes them a better person.  It is called investing in yourself, a powerful investment idea.  Like bringing treats to work sometimes, it is investing in yourself.  

My one friend called me the other day and said I want to get some 24s on my ride man I got the money to make it happen.  But me as a friend advised him to invest in himself.  Get some of his issues that are on his mind taken care of.  That will help him and further his dream of being a business owner.  He knows that is the best thing for himself, and I hope he decides to make the right decision for his future.  You too.

We all just got to be patient and keep up the staying busy and not be lost in our own mind because we stay to ourselves a little too much.  No sense in thinking about stuff to much.  Multitask.  Stay busy multitasking, ick up a book, a guitar, or both.  Stay busy, stay patient. 



Below is a opportunity to do something.  A system where something is broken.  I hope that this 15th brings a great decision.  We are being sharked by this loan, only $200 out of $1022 goes to the principal.

 Something is not right, interest and tax is too high and too long to pay off.  We should be able to retire at 50 with a nice monthly income to be self sufficient about $2900 a month would be nice to have, since you don't just want to stay home when you are retired, it would also give ample jobs to the youngsters who need to find there way in life.  Reform this broken system.




 So here is a loan stub, notice the $1,022 monthly payment.  Then look at the break down. 

$440 of that money goes to interest only.  Interest is profit you pay every month to the person who gave the money for the loan, in this case $140,000.   

$362 is the taxes and insurance.  Which is another word for profit, and in this case it is a tax on your paycheck every month for the next 30 years.

In 2014 shows in your government census info that women in general make $38,340 (men $50,116 a year, median household income shows $51,759 for 2014).  Home ownership in general will be sale priced at $328,700  in 2015 as stated here:    

How about a comparison year lets say 1998.

In 1998 it shows in your census that women in general made $25,862 (men $35,345, median household $38,885).  Housing at this time in general sale price $186,500.  Single parent in Cali, good luck buying a home for your kids.  Does this information strike you as???

To me that is a broken system that the US government should be held accountable for.  Interest rates are going up also.  Housing is important as health care. 

View sale price for housing, census info on link below.



Wow! I can say much more, I don't understand.  I do not know all of the facts on this bill, but I know this, in every explanation that was given, there was no concrete reason why this did not pass.  Over spend??  Yea, ok lets overspend 20% let's say, for example, it's worth the investment to get these guys going again and into the society.  Maybe once rehabilitated these guys could be key people in many police stations and posts.  

So the vote I heard went something like this,  we are going to take you to the store when you come back from battle that we sent you to, but you can only get a few things from the store.  You can't get too much, because even though we can afford it, we don't want to do it because your mom said she didn't agree with everything, and because we do not agree, I am sorry you are going to have to suffer, even though we have the money, we just do not agree.  So don't get what you think you need, just pick a thing or two because maybe you don't even need that thing you really wanted.  



 Moving right along..  


Yo what up y'all!  As they say, hope you are having a great day.   Today is a good day to relax your mind take a deep breath and remember that you, a human you are a perfect piece of this big puzzle.  So your are perfect, fitting in as puzzle pcs  are, just be patient with all and  everything.  

These next few years are more important do something cool that would go over great with everyone, that would pass unanimously, for all mankind.  I have sent you a letter in how to get this actually in real life, but either no one has gotten it to you or they are trying to figure it out for themselves.  Not that much time left so if you want a great alternate reality let me know I can get u there.  Speaking in riddles is not understandable sometimes but that because it not meant for you, but if it is meant for you, you would know right away, it for someone so very special, and only if they act now will it make a difference for that person and everyone else.  I just resent the email, this is a business so I hope you understand, and respect other businesses.    


Here is one tough one, for ya.  6-18-15

The other day because someone has a voice(typed pages on a website) immediately started to hate on some topic, like uniforms, when in real life the subject matter is not that bad looking, but this guy(s) act(s)  like they are the judge and the jury on any particular subject and start to hate on it right away.  They breed that hate.   For example, "that uniform is so hideous" when in real life it really isn't, they just want to hate on something. The problem is that the writer does not recognize the power of his/her words so they spout off hate of some kind within that publication.  They underestimate themselves, and the power of their words.  Do something weird and immediate hate.  

Unhappy bullies, these people are, they have to pick, pick, pick.  

They are everywhere, be patient, be different.  


 "Our System" 5-01-15

Cracked, broken, needing a major fix.  What can fix it?  A.  A revolutionary thinker  B.  Resources   C.  Child like brotherly love  D.  Less take and more give  Or is our system of breeding hate so ingrained here that nothing or no one can fix?  Our values?  Our Morals?  Our system?  How isn't it broken?  How can it be that our country is out of money?  What do these lawmaker people think?  Do they not see out of the box at solutions that could help the world all over?  Not sure they do.  

How can it be this way that the USA can't afford to help it's own people that live on the street? You may call them, bums?  Some need more help than others, but more so what about the old school never leave a man behind USA motto?  No more innocent brotherly love?  Its quite sad.  Who gonna step up quickly to do something?  You guessed it.  

Many crimes that are committed are because of our system.  Work for minimum while the next guy rides a Honda Accord or even more expensive.  Creates hatred among your fellow man.  It's bred into us, but someone can put a huge stop to it.  But who will?  Our System. lacks a father figure.  A loving father figure who gets overjoyed by spending every last moment helping and loving their own child.  Like a loving mom and a 2 year old baby, this moment in time when we are so helpless and mom is so needed, it's a beautiful time.  Our system creates crime, when is the last time you heard any lawmaker say hey I want to rid the cities of people who live on the streets.  We just leave em there, even our own vets. .  Push your lawmakers for funding, eg. welfare, social security, government programs should pay more also because they are the ones responsible for this broken system.  A law suit of sorts against the USA lawmakers for not fixing their own broken system that has broken homes many times over.  A lot just has to do with a certain way of life, we all want it.  Fix the system!  Figure a way to do it.   It takes only extra money to fix this, but where are we going to get it.  

Box, they must not think in, valuable this is..

"Our System" by


Donate below for more chapters and stories, even of your choice to be voiced.  People will hear you. We have a great fan base, and we are so thankful, to have everyone who visits.

You're the best, the very best.  Thank you as well all of you around the world who read us..Thank you! ! )  

How about a healthy tip.... 

Eat your meals 3-6 a day, but spend the rest of the day sipping/drinking hot water or hot tea.  Hot water/tea rids your body of oils from foods, and cold drinks cement the oils into you.  You keep the hot water/ tea going into your body all day, several cups sipping all day.  If you wash dishes you understand hot water flushes out the oil, especially in your digestive system and that is a necessary part of staying healthy.  Also remember to eat at least 1-2 pounds of vegetables a day, in the evening especially.  See how much better you will feel.  I tried it and now I am hooked.  I used to weigh 390 pounds at 6'4" now i am down to 345lbs.  

 Spice up your tea with lemons.  Add some raw California honey to sweeten,(watch out for blends, they are good but taste a bit different) but not too much it still has a lot of sugar.  Stay healthy my friends.  

O by the way a lot of people have read us, and copied I might add, and that's ok.  But give us some credit when you can, we strive to better this world, give us our dues, i think we deserve it..  Thank you!

How about this next issue...Made in America?

Yo man, what happened to being proud of honoring made in the USA, I mean these parties, going against it by backing the Canadian born running for President of this country, then we should not have a problem with an Austrian born running for President.  Go Arnold!  I mean if there is no way of finding an American born President to be elected, which is outrageous to me.  But I would like to see Arnold run if Cruz can run, but I thought only American born can run, and I guess we don't have enough people that are born here to run.   I am American born and probably could do a decent job of being President of this great country, but give me a break there are too many qualified candidates that are born here, that would do a great job, sorry Arnold.  Outrageous of these American parties in charge looking at people who are not born of this country and having to look outside, this time for this upcoming election, even though we have plenty of good made in the USA people available.  What happened to being proud of made in the USA.

I was born here and if I was the President I would work on many things for generations to come, for example securing Social Security for the future and increasing the monthly incomes of everyone in the USA.  I would work diligently to improve everyone's level of life.  Work with countries to improve every thing possible and impossible, I would make it happen.  I may be ugly but my soul is great, let me do some great things.  Ok, so I can dream too.  

We are proud to be born here and proud that this website is made in the USA!  Go America!  

Too much taxes in too many forms like this: 

Boston Tea Party 2015!  Too much taxes, poor and middle class working 60-80 hours a week.  Just to get by on these poor paying jobs.  Ask your Senators, how much tax is enough, or will it always increase.  Our paychecks have not grown, and we get over taxed, then our gas gets taxed, then everything we purchase.  Has the government gone out of control, is the USA that broke that they have to charge so much, leaching onto their citizens?  We have to make a stand on taxes for ourselves and our future generations.  Someone has to do something, our taxes go up and and the government will continue to find ways to tax us.  Enough is enough!  

Hey guys, they are going to impose a tax on tires of more than 50% mark up, and get this, you will be taxed more on your tires come January 2015 or sooner.  The tax that is being considered is more than a 50% tax on your tires out of China only, not Taiwan or other countries.  Many people use these brands out of China because they are good tires and they are inexpensive.  Even well known name tire companies get the tire from China.  Right now from China a 245-35-20 is going from the manufacturer to the United States is going for about $55, sold to tire shops at this price.  The tire shop adds their profit then re-sells it to the public for $75 or a bit more $80 let say at most.  So that tire 245-35-20 for $80 each, will cost you more than $120 each.  Tax gain of $160 for whom?  That smaller $40 tire will now cost $60-$70 each, $80 more for 4 tires.  Leaving you with less money and more struggle for other things you need.  Unfair.

Last time a few years ago the tax came into effect and it was 35% tax.  So your paycheck you will pay the tax then when you go and buy just 1 tire you will pay a 50% additional tax come 2015.  Who profits?  Many other companies that push for this tax will also raise their prices come 2015, so now you will be paying more for tires from China only.  Who keeps the 50% tax, that's what I want to know.  Another bailout that the US citizen has to pay for this time.  Who are they bailing out?  Why do citizens have to directly pay?  This bailout will be funded by anyone who needs tires, this upcoming winter.  50% more?  

USA is a tough place to live for those with no income.  But if someone wants something nice on their cars they will soon pay 50% more for the tires.  Why?  Because the American made tire companies are complaining to all the right people to get this tax through.  More taxes upcoming 2015 and less money on your tax returns.   Unfair.



Sorry I been away for a while.  Don't know if any one has missed me.  Been busy trying to build something for future generations to enjoy.  Got a riddle.   What is brown, dry and wilting away? California.  And why no fed help, who is responsible to ask for help, or declare a state of emergency.   The water problem could be fixed but probably not naturally unless we are to get much rain for the next several decades, to account for all the water that is used daily.  Not likely to happen in So. Cal.  In this area its never been hotter than 103 degrees and now it gets to 110 degrees.  

We need someone to act, but with all the political infighting, and procrastination and vacations.  Someone needs to speak up here.  Why is there no desalinization plant in the works here or why hasn't the governor declared a state of emergency.  The fed is going to have to step in here, thankfully, our governor just implemented something recently.  I mean how do you let your citizens not have running water as much of Tulare county does not have running water for almost a year, from last I heard.   There should be calls to the fed for help here and since I live in California and do not want my people in Tulare to be out of running water ANY LONGER!  Please lets help these people  and start catching up now, not in several years, then try and do something.  Let's get this going with the fed.  


 Well, it's official. Kentucky Senator Rand Paul has announced that he'll be seeking the Republican nomination for President of the United States, and we don't have a whole lot of time to get the word out about why he's wrong for hardworking Americans across the country.

Here's a quick primer on Senator Paul and the policies he supports. Become a Factivist, and join the group of dedicated supporters who are getting out the truth about Republicans:

Rand Paul isn't right for middle-class Americans. Help us keep him away from the White House by getting the word out right now.


2016 DNC Factivists 





 We have a problem with infighting in this country.  I mean I wish everyone got along, but differences in peoples faith and beliefs make it nearly impossible.  That is when the bickering and infighting take place.   What about the national debt in this country, will it ever be solved or will it continue to grow.  If a person claims to be able to pay the debt off could he be possibly what is needed to do the rest of the job? Who is the next president?  Will Mr. Obama be able to pull off a miracle and do something incredibly special?  I hope so. If there are any of you who would like to create a topic please email to or with your topic. comments. name. county and state. We will post up and get back to you with our point of view and solution if applicable.  

 So many things to discuss, in the world and the USA.   

What's going on in Japan with the nuclear plant. This is a big problem please lobby our govt to get this problem taken care of.  Maybe because they are in the east coast they are not making this as a priority, on the very top of the list.  

  What is going to happen when the water circulates to the east coast?  Then they may do something.  We need action because radioactive material spills by the ton daily since 2009 and counting.  Please help we need to act FAST.


Being happy, is going the extra mile for yourself and other people.  Offering your self to help others in an excited way. Saying hello. Being Patient. Being Peaceful.  It is the way to live happy.


Fannie Mae misled 1st time buyer, and wasted 100,000 dollars because they is sponsored by the government, and could have created 20 - 50 jobs just in time for the holidays in the San Bernardino/Riverside area, but then just cancelled escrow on 9-17-2012.   Please read ...

Fannie Mae had opened escrow and agreed to FHA 203k home loan, where the buyer fixes up the place and that cost is put into the loan and value of the property. Fannie Mae left this property unattennded and vacant for 9 months. The damage that they claimed by the Fannie Mae agent said $8000.

The property was left vacant so long that everything inside like copper wires in the walls and copper plumbing throughout was gone, heaters, A/C also gone.

Damage was $95000 dollars not $8000. This theft and damage from being left vacant for so many months could have been prevented by Fannie Mae, but the government gives them the money anyway, so they do not care.

Fannie Mae is not for the people, the buyer who is going to live there, they ended up selling to a investor from who knows where, not the 1st time buyer who would have lived in it, a single father and his son, their dream home.

Fannie Mae could have agreed to sell it at the market value but they wanted to sell it above market value, 25% above current market value. A property that was valued at 200 Fannie Mae wanted to sell this property to a first time buyer for 260.

Talk about upside down and under water. To keep the buyer under water or upside down isn't that one of this generations big housing market problems and why many people just stopped paying their payments please see the movie.

This Fannie Mae agency stripped the property away from a father and his son, so that they could sell to an investor.

Someone at Fannie Mae said that they are sponsored financially by the government of the U.S.A. but not a government agency.

Here is an email statement to the Fannie Mae real estate agent.

"The buyer is going to call , he says that on y'alls side you should have known about this. So this is you guys putting something on the market, and not know the actual market value, and to be a gov't agency, this is a bungling.mistake. And to not complete this deal to create jobs, so close to Christmas and Thanksgiving. This is bad, but coming from a govt agency, this is just unexcuseable. We will be contacting several news outlets in regards to the waste of public funds at Fannie Mae and the incompetance of this agency to offer this to an owner occupied then to just take it away like this over your own error, and to know Fannie Mae is sponsored by govt funds. This story will be told."





Next issue!


ok here`s a message to all you rally-ers. So you want change. Always Be Patient. Always be peaceful. Always be obedient. If they want you to move just move but stay as long as you can. Patient Peace Party.

Obama - Biden 



Now on to our next order of business -- This is a breaking news story from Ed Allgood, he went up against Senator Lindsey Graham in 1994 for the House of Representatives.  He, just this last weekend had a barbeque supper with Senator Jim Dement.  He would run again if he felt people needed him and he could make the change to improve the country.  I know him personally this is a great man he would be good for the country and this is what he had to tell me.

Import - Export Imbalance

     Since 1975, America has bought more from the rest of the world than we have sold to other countries.  This year 2011, we have bought $471.9 billion more than we have sold.

     Think of this as manufacturing jobs paying $47,190 each.  That is 10 million jobs lost.  But I have heard that each manufacturing job creates three to four new jobs.  Our export imbalance is costing us 40 to 50 million jobs each year.

     Not only is it costing jobs, but these dollars leaving the country are coming back as foreigners are buying our Nations' assets.  our government is causing foreigners to own us.  I ask "Will we remain free when our ownership is controlled by foreigners?"

     This problem of loss of employment could be solved by not charging any nation a commodity import tax.  We should have free trade but fair trade.

     We could put a one percent charge on imports and in each month add one percent until the trade balance is accomplished.

     After our exports exceed imports to remain in balance, we should reduce charges by the same thus keeping trade balanced.

     This not only creates jobs but this extra money would fund Social Security.  If we used this to lower income tax on business to ten percent allowing companies capital to expand, ownership of our Nation would come back to Americans.

Ed Allgood

Thanks Ed. 

Moving on to the next issue.   Below is somebody we came across begging for money.  This guy was not like anyone I have seen begging for Will work for food, or the like.  Sad country we live in when we let our armed forces live in poverty.  But who cares lets just all go on with our lives and act as if we do not care or see people like this, and to the people in charge shame on you for letting some of the things go on when you......who cares right.


Homeless Marine Corp. 

ok so I found out from Joe soldier that one of the reasons that this guy is on the streets is because help from the VA has so many strings attached many soldiers decline and there is a time limit to the help that is provided. Driving off of the 405 freeway and Beach Blvd. near Huntington Beach you may see this guy, in a mostly white and asian neighborhood.  My 11 year old son turns to me and says is that what is going to happen to if I decide to go into the Marine Corp. when I grow up?  And, will the president not help this guy who fought for the country?   Will there even be a time of peace anymore? 

So how do I answer that?  I am a 38year old father who does not have all of the answers so I responded son maybe he has some mental problems that forces him to be on the street because he cannot hold down a job.  Then more questions.  I quickly tried to let him know that maybe he was just using this as a ploy to get people to give him money.  I asked the guy and he said he was a Marine Corp Vet.  How is this justice, when someone who spends time in jail and gets let off because he was actually innocent gets $85,000.00 per year for his troubles, and a veteran who needs help and fought for the country cannot get the attention he deserves.  Enough said the picture speaks for itself.  The politicians in the past seem to only want to do what is right for them and not what is right.  Help people in need like this guy.  It is late, to be continued.


So the other day I am driving and I see 3 school girls, middle school age and her mom an immigrant from Asia, begging for money, right on the corner.  Terrible to see that here and everywhere.  We have been letting in alot of immigrants from other countries.  For these immigrants to be let in then have to beg on the streets for money to live?  I am sure that is the not right way.  Shouldn't there be a plan in place to have jobs for people then decide to bring in more immigrants when there are too many jobs.  I do not know how they will be accommodated with a comfortable and humane life that they do not get, then have to beg for it.  At the same time the current USA residents would be some of the 1st in line to receive benefits since they have seniority.

I just do not see how the USA can let all these people not be helped.  More immigrants means more people begging, more jobless, less jobs, more street beggars.  Fix these problems first then let them in, or have a plan in place and infrastructure to handle these new people. 

I see old immigrant folk serving at the 31 flavors ice cream instead of kids.  There needs to be a growth of jobs because this sight of an immigrant family standing of the exit was horrible to see.  The marine in the picture would have gladly given his self up to protect them while in his country.  Special forces and military personnel are required to do too much paperwork that some mentally cannot do because of their state of mind.  Too much paperwork, and not to mention the paper pushers who are often miss placing things or "accidentally" losing things. There should not be so much paperwork involved if they can prove they are military personnel just let them have it because some illnesses cause others if not taken care of..  I hear the special forces guys have a tough time pushing their paperwork through many times, just too much paperwork there should be a streamline of sorts.  Thanks for reading.  L8s

Congresswoman Lucille Roybal-Allard
Afghanistan Strategy Survey

Dear Friend,

As you know, the President has laid out his plans to send an additional 30,000 troops to Afghanistan by next summer and to begin withdrawing forces from the country in July 2011.

Please take a few moments to complete this brief survey and let me know your views on the President's plans for the war in Afghanistan.


1. Do you support the President's strategy for the war in Afghanistan?

A. Yes
B. No
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  A stimulus package needs immediate approval to create a compound/ location, jobs, taco trucks to feed them, tents to give them, blankets to keep them warm, clothes and baths to get them into society, money to put in their pockets to get the bus to go to the compound/location to clean up so that they can get the care they need, or even to go for that job interview, alot of these people just need the money to afford a $30 motel room to take a shower since they haven't showered in 6 months or more.  Help these people out.

    So far you have helped many including the ones who lost alot of money in the last 3 years, or even if they lost their homes, they have been helped.  Now what bout the ones who have been living in poverty for 5 years or more, that have nothing in this down turn, but do not know the difference because they have been there for an incredible 5 years or more and haven't had anything so they feel ok because they were not affected in the last 3-4 years. 

    And if even 1 soul, be a veteran, be the one who has been living in skid row, help him, he fought for this country for our freedom, he of all should not be there.   There are jobs that need to be created and cities that could be helped just by helping the extremely disadvantaged, and poverty sticken, I mean the ones who were not affected by this down turn/ depression. 

   I mean those who are at the very bottom, the ones who have been living the same skid row life for over 5 years, what about those that have been there for 10 or more years, I mean the dirty little bum lady who, if not so filthy, smelly and poverted, would be the cutest little granma ever, how could she be there. 

   Help those folks now, and let the ones who are losing there homes, or jobs alone, for what ever reason now is a bad time and they have to get used to it for a while, help the bums, create them a city if you want, or a compound.  They need more help than anyone but have not a voice to sqweek and we all know that in this day and age the sqweeky wheel always get the oil even though the other wheels need new bearings. 


Moving on.  Next issue of business.


Ok so my big question is this. 

At some time did Chase Bank or US Bank ever get help from the gov't, as many banks did.

My client had a home in escrow for 2 months for a short sale and US bank was the owner and Chase bank was financing the buyer who qualified for $200,000.  This property was in escrow at $85,000, the appraisal came back from Chase and the property needed $4500 in repairs to make it FHA compliable. 

Before the negotiations were complete regarding who was to do the work and to ask for the extension of time.  US bank just foreclosed while the property was in escrow, not caring about reprocussions or the best interest of the seller, ruining the credit of this old American seller who was hit in this down turn. 

US bank took possesion and within a month sold the property to someone else for over 100,000, pocketing more money after the foreclosure process.  And possibly claiming a loss in thier records for their taxes, making it possibe for them to recieve money back here for US Bank, meanwhile screwing the seller, and the buyer.    Now the original seller, the old man now has a foreclosure on his record, when this property should have been sold to my buyer, and with this saving the old mans' credit and maybe some dignity as well.

Mean while Chase bank had the opportunity to pay US Bank and just hold back the $4500 to do the repairs.  Chase said no to this idea then as we went back to see if the buyer coud do the work and ask for the extension of time in escrow, US bank foreclosed. 

Chase also had the opportunity to do the loan and then hire a contractor to do the job, which the appraiser said was to cost $4500, the property was valued at over a $100000.  Chase bank said no to the loan while the whole time saying yes that they would do the loan and making the client/buyer pay money upfront to do the loan but never completing the deal, and never refunding the money to the buyer. 

Chase Bank had the opportunity to put Americans to work on this particular deal but decided not to fund the loan saying not enough collateral, even though the buyer qualified for $200,000, and the property was only$85,000 but valued over $100,000 dollars. 

Why not fund it and put Americans to work even if it was only $4500, in this case the Banks only looked out for themselves and did not give back to the economy or the American citizen. 

But they will gladly take money to help themselves.

So who took more in the handout, US Bank or Chase Bank? 


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